Are you unable to Access Windows Files? Let’s Recover Files Encrypted by Ransomware.

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Do you know what a Ransomware attack is? I hope many of you have heard about it but no one knows the exact meaning of it. Basically, it is a program which is designed to restrict the access to a computer system or file until and unless a ransom is paid. It enters into our system via phishing emails or an infected website. So I’ll tell you how to recover files encrypted by Ransomware.

Before I move further, you must know the Symptoms of these attacks. Identify, that whether you are infected with a Ransomware or not.

How to Recognize Ransomware Infection

  • Denied Access and Opening of files on a system.
  • A Pop-up appears which asks for Ransom.
  • Count-down message appears whenever you open an application.
  • If you find some unnecessary and inaccessible file extensions.
  • A file is asking for bitcoins for accessing.
  • Unnecessary changes of file location without your command.

Types of Ransomware

  • Lot Ransomware- This attack restricts the user from accessing the Lot Device.
  • Android Ransomware- This attack blocks the whole android mobile and damages the files present in it.
  • Scareware Ransomware- In this attack, a message will pop up that your system is infected and you have to buy antivirus software to fix it.
  • Crypto Ransomware- This attack coerces you to pay a certain amount by encrypting the files present on the system.
  • Locker Ransomware- This Ransomware locks the whole system and then demands a ransom.

Well, I hope you have grabbed a sound content about the symptoms and types of Ransomware. Now, let’s discuss how to get rid of this serious problem.


 How to Recover Files Encrypted by Ransomware

There are some manual techniques which you can try to fix this problem.

Recover Infected Files Using Backup

Restoring the files from a backup is the best option in the case Ransomware attack. You can easily get back the file which is infected. The Windows backup techniques can only help to fill up the Ransomware loopholes. Many users get back their windows file in their worst scenarios with the help of backup only.

Now, with the help of backup, you can easily get the copy of the file and continue smooth working.


Restore Previous Version of the File

Follow the steps given below and Get rid of Ransomware Encryption

  • Right-Click on the files and open its Properties.
  • Click on Previous Version Tab in properties.
  • Several Snapshots will appear in front of you. Select the file with Latest Version of the file.
  • Click on View and verify the version.
  • Go to the File Tab and then Click on Save As


  • Copy the File from the location and Paste it in the Safe location.


  • Restore the Original file and replace it with the original File.

I hope now you are able to recover files encrypted by Ransomware.

Recover Files via Windows Data Recovery Software

Windows data recovery is a professional software which helps to recover corrupted files from windows. It helps to beat the Ransomware attacks and removes encryption form it. If you are having any corruption issues then too you can fix it with the help of this tool. There are some more features of this software that it can recover data from NTFS and FAT File system. So if you want to skip the manual procedure and try a shortcut then this tool would be the best option.

Download Windows Recovery Software

Things that Avoids Ransomware Threats

Don’t Open a Suspicious Link- Never open any suspicious link that you receive via email because the source of entry is email and its attachments. Therefore never open any unknown email and never click on any such links.


Never Visit an Infected Website- An access to unknown websites also results in the virus intrusion and file corruption. Before giving access to any website, make sure that it is authentic and genuine.

That’s all from my side. Now I suppose you can resolve the Ransomware problems by yourself.


Let’s wind up this article and please make sure that you avoid the things which I have mentioned above. If the files already affected then try the manual methods to fix it. If the manual methods won’t work then try the professional tool for fixing the issues. Please react quickly in such scenarios and recover files encrypted by Ransomware otherwise it could be crucial.

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