How to Recover MySQL Database from ibdata1

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What Are MySQL and ibdata1 File?

MySQL database is one of the most widely used relational database management systems (RDBMS). It stores and manages data and sets up relationships between different tables. The database has two storage engines: MyISAM and InnoDB. Different files are associated with MySQL databases like .frm, .ibd, ibdata, etc.

Now, you might be thinking “What is ibdata1 in MySQL and how to restore data from ibdata1”?

Ibdata1 file is the InnoDB system tablespace file that stores information and various components of InnoDB tables like double writes and insert buffers, rollback segment, undo spaces, etc. As you can see, it contains all the valuable data of the InnoDB storage engine, you can recover InnoDB corruption for MySQL.

MySQL database files can be corrupted due to many factors. Some of the most common reasons for file corruption are the Abrupt shutdown of the system, sudden termination of MySQL in the middle of a process, hardware failure, malicious programs, etc. Now, let us check how to recover data from ibdata1 file.

How to Recover MySQL Database from ibdata1?

MySQL offers different techniques to recover lost data. Similarly, you can also restore corrupted or lost InnoDB tables via the ibdata1 file. The procedure requires the basic technical expertise of MySQL commands. Moreover, before initiating the database recovery process, you have to create a backup of your database to protect valuable data from data loss.

Follow the below procedure to restore MySQL database files from ibdata1

  • First, locate my.cnf file (MySQL configuration file) and open it.
  • Now, set the value of innodb_log_file_size equal to the ib_logfile0 in my.cnf file.

Note: You can use the ls -lh ib_logfile0 command to find the value of ib_logfile0.

  • After editing the MySQL configuration file, use the following command to copy this ibdata file and paste it to the MySQL data directory.

cp –r /new/ibdata* /var/lib/mysql/

  • Now, make an empty folder within this new MySQL datadir.
  • Make sure that the database schema name of the empty folder and that of the corrupted database must be the same.
  • Execute the below command to copy and paste the .frm files into the new folder.

cp –r /new/ib_logfile* /var/lib/mysql/

cp –r /new/schema_name/*.frm /var/lib/mysql/schema_name/

  • After performing the above step, restart the MySQL server through the service MySQL restart command.
  • It will surely restore all the lost database items.

It is the manual solution to recover MySQL database from ibdata1 file. This solution works only for InnoDB storage engines. Moreover, you must have the required technical skill to execute the manual steps. Therefore, it is not an ideal solution for all users. Most non-technical users may find it difficult.

But if the manual method does not assist you to recover inaccessible data from MySQL ibdata1, what else should you choose? The answer is the professional automated solution.

A Better Alternative to Complicated Manual Procedure

DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool helps you to repair corrupted and damaged MySQL database files and restores the database items such as tables, queries, indexes, keys, triggers, stored procedures, etc. This utility provides you with multiple options for maximum data recovery. Moreover, it displays the preview of the recovered MySQL database items. The application is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.


You can recover MySQL database from ibdata1 file through a manual method. It consists of multiple steps that are quite tedious and requires technical knowledge. Alternatively, you can also restore your database items via the professional MySQL database recovery software. This approach is more effective and simpler, even for non-technical users.

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