Repair DBX File – DBX Repair Tool for Corrupt DBX Files

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repair DBX fileThough Outlook Express is an old email client provided by Microsoft, but it’s still popular among desktop users. It creates DBX folders corresponded to their mailbox for storing email messages. Unfortunately, DBX folders are not immune to corruption. You can lose all your invaluable email messages forever due to corruption. In such situation, you should repair DBX file by using smart DBX Repair tool.

Like an Outlook data file, Outlook Express’ DBX files also have a size limitation of 2 GB. This specific size limitation is applicable on both Inbox.dbx as well as Sent Items.dbx folders. If the size of any of these folders exceeds and goes beyond 2 GB, you would face some serious problem, such as: program starts hanginginaccessibility of DBX filesDBX corruption, and many more.

While sending or receiving an email message if this error 0x800c0133 takes place, this means either the DBX folders have been crossed the size limit or they are near about 2 GB of size. You must check the size of your DBX folders, so that you can avoid corruption if possible.

Locate DBX Folders 

Step 1: Launch Outlook Express on your system.
dbx file location

Go to Tools > Options.

Step 2: In the Options window, click Maintenance tab > Store Folder….
dbx file location

Step 3: Go to the location where your DBX folders are stored and check their size there.
dbx file location

If the size has been already exceeded, you have no other option except repairing the folder with the help of a third-party DBX Repair tool. But if the size is below 2 GB, then you have pretty fair chances to avoid corruption. How? 

How to Repair DBX File? 

Remove or delete all the unwanted emails, duplicate items, large attachments, etc. from your DBX folders. By doing this, you would get enough free space in your DBX folders to store more emails data. This is the only way to avoid corruption in DBX files due to size limitation problem.

If your DBX file has been already corrupted before you can do anything, you’ll be left only one solution, i.e. a third-party tool to repair Outlook Express DBX files. Generally, a third-party DBX repair tool scans corrupt DBX folders and fixes the errors and corruption issues from them. It recovers maximum possible emails from corrupt DBX folders and save them at user-defined location. Get advanced DBX Repair tool to repair DBX file.

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