How to Increase Office 365 Security to Protect Emails

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Security plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Here, we are going to talk about the safety of Office 356 account. Multiple home users and organizations individuals use Office 365 around the world. Any disaster or internal and external hazards may occur at any time. Therefore, it is essential to increase Office 365 security. Here this blog will suggest all methods to secure O365 account and improving the protection.

Let’s begin with some crucial ways that can be used to protect Office 365 account.

How to Secure Office 365 Account Emails

  1. Security against Ransomware
  2. Enabling Multi-factor Authentication
  3. Disable Auto-forwarding for emails
  4. Using Dedicated Admin Account Always
  5. Using Data Loss Prevention
  6. Create Office365 Backup

Office 365 Data Security against Ransomware

Ransomware generally limits data access by locking or encrypting system screens. Then, it asks for money from users as a ransom for returning the file. The Ransom is mainly in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin in exchange for data access.
So to protect your account from ransomware, you can make one or more rules for mail flow. This can be used to block the file extension used by ransomware, or it can warn users who receive an email with these attachments.
There are two rules given below that you can follow:

  • The first rule is to inform users regarding opening macros-including Office file attachments. Ransomware can be hidden within macros, so warn users not to open those files from people they don’t know or trust.
  • The second rule is to block forms of files that might include ransomware or other malicious code.


Enabling Multi-factor Authentication

One of the easiest ways is to increase Office 365 Security. By applying MFA, then a code will be sent to the registered mobile number for every time a person tries to sign in to the account. To access the O365 account, you must enter the received number. Otherwise, one can’t log in to the account. It makes sure that the correct user accesses the account.


Disable Auto-forwarding for emails

Those hackers who have access to the user’s mailbox can enable the automatically forward emails by configuring the user’s mailbox. Users generally unaware of this, so for Office 365 data security, disable the auto-forwarding email option.


Using Dedicated Admin Account Always

Always keep in mind that if ypu are an admin, you should have an individual account for non-administrative work that is known as Office 365 global administrator account. Always use this account when needed. It is because the admin account is mostly targeted by hackers and cybercriminals. So, keep in mind some points to increase O365 security:

  • For the admin account, always set up the Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Before using any admin account, make sure to close all other running apps and browsers.
  • After using the admin account, always log out.


Using Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention allows users to protect essential and classified data from external users. Anyone can easily create a DLP when implemented in Office 365. The data loss prevention policy works on OneDrive, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online. At an extreme level, it analyzes every action taken in a Microsoft Office 365 account. Ultimately, this will protect Office 365 email from disaster threats.


Backup your Office 365 Mailbox

Make a backup copy of data locally to secure Office 365 emails from data loss. A backup is a process of saving a copy of data for the future in case of recovery.



Security and integrity of the Office 365 emails have always been a critical issue for users like us. You can implement the above steps to increase Office 365 Security. I hope you’ll be able to improve the security of your emails using all these measures. In case of any further query or assistance, you can reach me in the comment box.

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