How to Open CDR File Without CorelDraw – DIY Method

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CorelDraw is one of the most popular and widely used vector graphic editors. You can create and edit vector images through CorelDraw. CDR files are vector images created by CorelDraw. It is the native file format created by CorelDraw though the application can also save vector images in other file types like SVG, EPS, PDF, etc.

Sometimes, you get a CDR file but do not have the CorelDraw application to open it. Then the question comes, How do I open a CDR file on my computer? Various graphic editors like Inkscape allow you to open a CorelDraw file without CorelDraw and save them in another file format like PDF. Also, you can use a third-party CDR converter tool that allows you to open and convert CDR to PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and many other image formats.

Let us check how to view CDR file without CorelDraw manually.

How to Open CDR file Without CorelDraw?

CDR is the native file type of CorelDraw. However, you can open the CDR file without CorelDraw. Numerous vector graphic designing utilities are available for accessing the CDR file. Moreover, these applications enable you to convert the CorelDraw file into a more portable and accessible file type like PDF.

Below we explain how to open CorelDraw CDR file without CorelDraw in Inkscape.

  • Open the Inkscape. Click on the File button and then choose the Open option.
click on open to open cdr file without coreldraw
  • Locate and select the CDR file you want to open. Press the Open button.
choose cdr file and click on open button
  • After that, your CorelDraw CDR file will be opened. You can save it in PDF file format.
  • Click on the File button and select the Save As button.
click on save as button
  • Expand the Save as Type field and choose Portable Document Format (.pdf) file format.
save cdr file as pdf format
  • Give a suitable name and location to the resultant PDF file. Hit Save.
  • At last, define the remaining PDF file properties and click OK.
  • Now, your CDR file has been saved in PDF file format.

The above procedure will help you to open CDR file without CorelDraw and convert it into PDF file format in a few simple steps. Moreover, the file content does not get damaged or altered during the file conversion. Despite that, this method is only reliable and efficient when you just want to convert a few files. If you want to convert CDR files in bulk, we recommend the professional CDR file converter tool.

Pro Tips to View and Open CorelDraw Files without CorelDraw

DRS CDR File Converter Tool is the best application to open and convert CorelDraw CDR files of any size. It can convert multiple CDR files at once without altering the data structure. You can change your CDR file to PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG, TIFF, WEBP, HTML, and PDF file formats. Moreover, this utility is compact in size and works well with all versions of Windows OS.

Steps to Convert CDR to PDF file using DRS CDR Converter Tool

  • Download the CDR File Converter tool and run the application as administrator.
  • Press the Add File Choose the desired CDR file and click Open to add it.
  • The selected file has been added to the list. Click Next to proceed further.
  • Now, expand the Select Output File Format field and choose PDF file format.
  • Define the destination to the resultant file format and press the Convert button.


I hope this article has provided all the necessary information regarding how to open CDR file without CorelDraw. You can open the CorelDraw CDR file via the Inkscape application. Also, it allows you to convert the CDR file to PDF and many other file formats. The best solution to access CDR files and convert them into various file formats is the professional CDR Converter Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open CDR files without CorelDraw for free?

There are many vector graphic editors that allow you to open a CDR file without CorelDraw. You can use the Inkscape vector editor tool and open your CDR files easily.
●        First, launch the application. click File and press Open.
●        Now, choose the CDR file you want to open and press Open.
●        Additionally, again press the File button and select the Save As option to save the CDR file in another file format.
●        Define the destination for the converted file. Provide a suitable name and file type. Press the Save button.

Can I convert the CDR file into PDF file format?

Yes, you can easily convert a CDR file to a PDF file format using the Inkscape application. However, if you have multiple CDR files, this approach will not be suitable. Therefore, we recommend the advanced CDR File Converter Tool for fast, efficient, and secure file conversion.

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