Resolve All SQL Error- SQL Server Repair Kit

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The SQL server is mainly used for storing data in the MDF file format. But sometimes due to virus attack or power failure, the MDF files gets corrupted. It can be My SQL Database or MS SQL Database. Whichever database is corrupted but ultimately it affects the data. So you don’t have to roam around on different website because you can get all different SQL Recovery software in SQL Server Repair Kit.

It is a compilation of all the SQL Database Recovery software in one toolkit. There are hundreds of problem with the SQL Database files but for every problem, there is a software to resolve it. If you buy different software from different places then it would be costly. But this toolkit can save a lot of money.

Let’s discuss what you can avail in this toolkit.

2 SQL Repair Tools in One Toolkit

There are six different types of SQL Recovery tools for different databases which you can use according to the problem of the file or database so you can download the toolkit as well.

Download SQL Repair Toolkit

MS SQL Database Recovery ($99)

This professional DRS SQL Recovery tool is designed to repair MS SQL Database only. If your whole MS SQL Database is corrupted then this software can easily restore all of them. Let’s see some of its features.

  • Recovers Tables, Stored, Programmability, and other items from the Database.
  • Smooth Recovery of MDF files as well.
  • Fix Corrupted MDF files and NDF Files.
  • Compatible with Row Compression and Page Compression.
  • Supports BLOB, Image, XML data.
  • Runs on all the version of Windows and SQL Server.

SQLite Database Recovery ($119)

SQLite MDB Files are prone to corruption and manually it is not possible to fix it so, therefore, DRS SQLite Database Recovery tool in SQL Server Repair Kit helps to fix the corruption of SQLite database files without any data loss.

  • Recovers SQLite Files from the corrupt Database.
  • Repairs severely corrupted MDB files.
  • Previews all the recovered data in a Tree-Structured format.
  • Supports UTF-16 and UTF-32.
  • User-Friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows.

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Well, if I note down the cost of all the six software then it is $1634 but the whole toolkit costs you only for $999. You can save $635 if you purchase the whole toolkit. So it is totally up to you that whether to buy the software one by one or a complete SQL Server Repair kit.


That’s all from my side. I have explained to you everything. I want that my readers must always avail a better part of the deal. Every software has its own USPs and therefore the cost varies. But they maintain the data integrity and recover data from any SQL database without any data loss. I hope you liked this article.

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