Top 12 Windows Data Recovery Software in Windows Repair Toolkit

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Windows corruption is very common these days. I am pretty sure that many users have encountered such types of issues. It becomes very hard for the user to get back the corrupted files of Windows. You may find much professional software on the web but choosing the appropriate one is a difficult task.

So if I tell you that you can avail a Windows Repair Toolkit comprising of many Windows data recovery software then what will you do? I am sure that you must be eager to know that what is in the Windows toolkit and how can it help me out in resolving the issue.

But first of all, you must know the several problems in Windows:-

  • The FAT file is Corrupted
  • NTFS Data Recovery
  • Windows Data Corruption Error
  • Recover data from Corrupted EnCase files
  • External Hard Drive Corruption
  • Accidentally Deleted Files in Windows
  • Recovery of Deleted Mac Files
  • Linux files are Corrupted
  • Get back Data from Corrupted HDD Image File
  • Raid Hard Drive Corruption
  • Unable to open Jpeg files
  • Photoshop files are showing an error in opening

Quick Solution

Download Free Windows Repair Toolkit to perform recovery of Windows FAT/NTFS data, Photo Recovery, Removable media data recovery, Photoshop file recovery, Linux and Mac data recovery with ease.

I have just written a few problems which the user faces in windows but there are many more. Now you must be thinking that how can you solve all these problems by just one Window recovery toolkit. But my friend it is possible and you can fix all these files errors. Here are the various benefits you can avail in this toolkit:

The whole Windows Repair Toolkit comprises of 12 different types of software which helps you to recover corrupted window files. The toolkit can help you in the following ways:-

  • Repairs the Corrupted FAT file
  • Retrieve Data from corrupted NTFS files
  • All types of windows data are recoverable
  • Encase file error can be fixed
  • Fixes External Devices Corruption
  • Recovers Deleted Images and Videos
  • Mac files can also be repaired
  • All formats of Image files are supported
  • PSD files are also compatible
  • The HDD image file is repairable
  • Resolves Raid Hard Drive Corruption
  • Supports Linux Files

There are many more specifications of this tool which I will tell you in detail. Every software in this Windows Repair toolkit has their own features and benefits. But the most important thing is that all these software are covered in this smart windows toolkit.

Let me explain you the various software of this windows data recovery kit:-

List of Windows Repair Toolkit

FAT Recovery Tool

Sometimes due to virus attacks the FAT file becomes corrupted and the user is unable to extract data from the FAT files. So this software is designed in such a way that it can retrieve data from the corrupted FAT file. The software recovers full data without any data loss.

  • Compatible with FAT16, FAT32 & FAT64 files
  • Recovers data from formatted FAT files
  • Scans the file twice in standard mode and advanced mode
  • The User can preview the file before recovery
  • Bulk file recovery is supported
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface and easy handling
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

NTFS Data Recovery

The NTFS files present in windows are prone to corruption. So it becomes really difficult for the user to repair these NTFS files. This software helps the user to repair NTFS files and recover the whole data from it without causing any data loss.

  • Repairs Corruption of NTSF files
  • Three modes of scanning are available that is standard, advanced and deep
  • MBR and GPT formats are compatible
  • Complete Data Recovery from corrupted files
  • Supports Large Sized files
  • User-friendly interface and easy handling
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

Windows Data Recovery

Windows Data Recovery tool comes on a top in the Windows Repair Toolkit list. There are many files formats available in windows data but no file is fully immune to corruption. So this software is made using a professional algorithm which helps the user to repair windows file easily. The tool is very easy to run and there is no need for any technical guidance.

  • Get Back the maximum Data from the corrupted windows files
  • Supports MBR and GPT Formats
  • Recovers data in no time
  • Many files can be recovered at the same time
  • No chance of any data loss during the recovery process
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface and easy handling
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

Encase Recovery Software

This tool is professionally designed to get back encase data from the EWF file. The software is trusted and authentic. As it is designed with a very friendly user interface so it becomes easy for the user to operate it without any technical support.

  • Recovers EnCase files easily
  • Repairs the corrupted encase files
  • Bulk recovery of files can be done at the same time
  • Different modes of scanning are available like standard, advanced and deep
  • Preview before recovery option is available
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface and easy handling
  • Compatible with Windows10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

Removable Media Data Recovery

Removable media can be an external storage device like pen drive, DVDs, external hard disk and many others. So this software helps the user to repair the corrupted removable storage devices. After using this tool I am sure that you will be able to view files present on the corrupted external devices. It is an essential part of Windows Repair Toolkit.

  • Recovers data from formatted drives
  • FAT and NTFS files are compatible and can be recovered
  • Multiple scanning modes are available
  • The file can be viewed before recovery
  • Memory Cards and DVDs can also be repaired
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface and easy handling
  • Compatible with Windows10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

Deleted File Recovery

Sometimes in a hurry or mistakenly the user permanently deletes the file from the system. So it becomes difficult for the person to get back those deleted files. This software will help you to retain those deleted files back very easily. The tool is very easy to operate because it is designed with a very friendly user interface.

  • Does Quick scanning of the whole system
  • Volume drive and Physical drives are compatible
  • The user can customize the recovery of data
  • No requirement of any technical expertise to run this tool
  • Both partition table that is GPT and MBR is supported
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Works well with all the Windows versions 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

Mac Data Recovery

Mac files are not compatible in windows. So this restricts the user from viewing the mac file in the window. This software will help the user to view mac files on windows. If the mac files are corrupted then this tool will help to get back the Mac data from the corrupted files.

  • Can recover HFS and HFS+ files from mac database
  • Full data recovery without any alteration to the data
  • Standard, Advanced and Deep scan modes are available
  • Recovery of bulk files is possible
  • The user can view the files during recovery
  • User-friendly graphical user interface

Linux Data Recovery Tool

Linux is one of the best-operating systems used these days. If the Linux files become corrupted then you must try this tool. This tool is one of the best windows data recovery software which you will get in this windows repair toolkit. The software is designed in such a way that it not only repairs the Linux files but also recovers the data from the corrupted Linux files.

  • Recovers Corrupted Linux Files
  • MBR and GPT tables are also supported
  • Raw data can also be recovered if the user wants
  • The customized Search feature is also available
  • Compatible with EXT, EXT2, EXT3&EXT4 drives
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Supports all the Windows10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/98/NT/95

Volume and HDD Image Recovery

This tool is made for recovering data from the corrupted HDD image file. The software not only helps to fix the files but also it gets back the data from the corrupted HDD Image files. It has a very friendly user interface and can perform bulk recovery of data from the corrupted files.

  • Retrieves data from corrupted HDD Image files
  • Suitable for many file systems like FAT (FAT16, FAT3 & FAT64), NTFS, HFS, HFS+&EXTX
  • Deep scanning of files is done before recovery
  • Files can be previewed before saving
  • Time effective scanning and recovery

Raid Recovery Software

Sometimes the virus attacks or the abrupt system shutdown makes the RAID hard drive corrupted. This results in the corruption of the files present on the hard drive. The user cannot view or access the file. So this software will help the user to repair raid hard drive and restore the data from the corrupted files without causing any loss.

  • RAID-0, RAID-1&RAID-5hard drives are support
  • Full data recovery is done without any data loss
  • Recovers both RAID-HDD files and RAID-VHD files
  • Compatible with FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 (exFAT), HFS&HFS+ and EXTX
  • Master boot record and GUID partition table is supported

Photoshop File Recovery Tool

The Photoshop files are not completely immune to virus attacks. Although having an antivirus software the PSD files get corrupted. In this kit, you will also avail this software which will help you to repair PSD file and get the data back from the corrupted ones.

  • Repair and Recover PSD files
  • Bulk PSD files can be recovered
  • PSB and PDD file formats are also compatible
  • Adobe Photoshop versions CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1 are supported
  • Recovers all layers of PSD file without causing any alteration to the file
  • Easy and quick interface.
  • Compatible to work with entire Windows editions including Win10.

Photo Recovery Software

The photos are the only memories which an individual can hold for a long span of time. But sometimes due to computer virus interference, these files become corrupted. This tool will help you out to get back lost images very easily. The software can also fix the corruption of audios and videos.

  • Recovers Deleted or Corrupted Image, video and audio files
  • BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, MOS, MEF, PSP these image formats are compatible
  • Supports Video Formats like MP4, MPEG, MQV, OGM, MKV, MOI, SVI etc.
  • NTFS and FATfiles are also supported
  • Can fix audio format likeDSS, IFF, M4A, M4P, MIDI, MP3
  • Works easily with all Windows versions
  • Quick and easy user interface

By now you must be aware of the various software and also about their specification. Every software is master in its own task. So you don’t have to roam around on different websites for different tools when you can avail it in one place that is under the Windows Repair Toolkit.


All these windows data recovery software are tried and trusted and they can be bought at a very reasonable price. Searching and wasting your time wouldn’t work because you can get all the tools in this entire repair kit.






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