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DBF Recovery

Reliabe DBF Database Recovery Tool to Repair DBF File online

  • Advanced DBF Recovery tool can recover crucial data from corrupted DBF files which are created in Microsoft Visual FoxPro, dBase (II, IV & V), Clipper, dBFast, CodeBase, MultiBase, dBXL, Arago, etc.
  • The tool recovers every possible items from corrupted files, including table name, column name, indexes, primary key, candidate key, foreign key, unique key, regular key, etc.
  • The recovery tool successfully fixes all the errors from corrupted DBF files and delivers excellent results to users.
  • The unique saving feature of this tool allows users to save the recovered into a new file of DBF format as well as MDB format of Microsoft Access.

The most prominent features of advanced DBF Recovery tool are::

Wide Support

Wide Support:

The software provides wide support with all popular database programs which create DBF files, such as: dBase (III, IV & V), Visual FoxPro (all versions), Clipper, dBFast, CodeBase, MultiBase, dBXL, Arago, etc.

Quick Recovery

Quick Recovery:

The tool performs a very quick recovery of maximum possible data in minimum possible time. It recovers almost all data types included in your DBF file without causing any changes or alteration in original data.

 Complete Restoration

Complete Restoration:

Users can restore their all possible queries of database components from corrupted DBF files using this tool. The components include column name, table name, Binary indexes, Indexes, primary key, candidate key, foreign key, unique key, and regular key.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search:

It contains an advanced search feature that helps users search their DBF files in case of missing or unknown location. The tool searches DBF files from your system in an automation mode.

Records Alignment Correction

Records Alignment Correction:

Corruption may cause misalignment in your database files. The tool has a smart feature to correct the alignment of records and entries. Users can adjust the correct patten by using Left & Right buttons.

Schema Loading

Schema Loading:

The schema loading feature enables users to load schema from another database file. This feature is highly useful in severe header corruption case.

Smart Preview Mode

Smart Preview Mode:

The smart preview mode of this tool helps users preview all the recovered data before saving them into a new file at user-defined location. The preview of the file is shown in a proper tree-structure.

New File Creation

New File Creation:

The tool generates a new file to save the recovered data. It provides two different saving formats: DBF and MDB, into which users can create a new file at user-defined location.

Online Video Tutorial

Lets See how it works.

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How to Use the Tool

Understand the Recovery Process and Apply it.

System Requirements

System Specifications

  • Processor - Pentium class processor
  • Operating System – Win10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Memory - 512 MB Min
  • Hard Drive - 50 MB


Ques 1: Corrupt DBF file is supported or not?

Ans: Yes, files damaged due to corruption are recovered and repaired by this software including the tables and important data information.

Ques 2: On what terms and conditions does this software works?

Ans: FoxPro must be installed if the user wants to save the recovered data in DBF format and MS Access for saving files in MDB file format.

Ques 3: How many different types of DBF files from different database management programs are supported by this software?

Ans: Databases programs like VisualFoxProMultiBase, Clipper, dBase 2,4, 5, dBXL, CodeBase etc. all these are supported by this software.

Ques 4: Which versions of FoxPro are compatible with this software?

Ans: All major versions of Microsoft Visual FoxPro (FoxBase) i.e from 6.0 to 9.0.

Feature Comparison between Freeware & Paid Version

Software Features Free Version Full Version
Easily roll back damaged .dbf files
All formats of .dbf files are supported
Restores structure of fields, tables, and data from damaged databases
Supports to load schema from another DBA files
Saving restored data
24*7 tech support & secure 100%
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