Apple Mail Not Syncing With Gmail – Error Fixed

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Both Apple mail and Gmail are the popularly used email clients which are used for communication by sending and receiving email messages. There is no need for any introduction as both are globally used email client applications. Many users are facing issues with Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail. Some of the users were asking why Apple mail Gmail not working with Gmail and how to sync Apple mail with Gmail account as Gmail sync is experiencing some problems. So, here we will provide you with the perfect guide giving out the solution of Gmail no syncing with Apple mail. Read the blog till the end.

Causes Behind Apple Mail Not Syncing With Gmail Issues

There can be numerous reasons why Apple Mail is not working with Gmail. As there are a lot of reasons, you cannot fix them all in a single go. But knowing these reasons would help you solve it accordingly.

  • Server Issues – Ensure that the servers are working fine.
  • Internet Connection problem – Check for the stable and good network connection.
  • Enable IMAP settings – Turn ON the IMAP settings, otherwise the sync will not be done.
  • Wrong Settings.
  • Update the applications – Make sure to update the applications to successfully syncing the email client applications.

Before moving further with any other method or process, first look forward to fixing the above mentioned causes. If fixing the above causes would not work then you can use the other processes for Apple mail not working with Gmail issues as discussed below.

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Advanced Solution For Apple Mail Not Syncing With Gmail

Here we will discuss some methods and tricks that will help to resolve the Apple mail not syncing issues. If you are using an Apple iPhone and looking to resolve the Gmail not syncing with iPhone problem, then you can follow the below mentioned processes.

Restart Your iPhone to fix Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail issue

Sometimes big problems have easy solutions. It may be possible that the issue is in your phone, so you need to simply restart it. Restarting your phone can end the processes or functioning in your phone that might be responsible for the syncing issue.

Check Push Settings

The incorrect Push settings can also be a reason for Gmail not syncing with Apple Mail issues. Sometimes, the Push settings are configured when the sync will happen only when you will perform it manually. To do so, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to settings option.
  2. Navigate Passwords and accounts in the menu.
  3. Now look for fetch new data.
  4. Choose the Gmail and then click on fetch.

Once the process is done, open the application and then refresh the page. The sync would be completed.

If Using Laptop/PC

Change Gmail Security Settings

It might be possible that there can be issues from the Gmail side, solving them can help you to fix the Apple mail not syncing with Gmail issues.

  • Click on the security tab in the left panel.


  • Go to the less secure app access option in the new security page and finally, turn on the access.


Login as a “Test” user

It cannot be considered as a perfect solution but a smart approach to manage the things provisionally if there is any issue with the server. Follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the system preferences.
  2. Go to the user and groups in the system preferences and create a new test user.
  3. Now, logout and then login again to your system but this time with the test user we have just created.
  4. Once it is started, skip all the application installments if asked and directly sign-in to the mail.

If this process works, that means there is no problem with tha mail or syncing. Some apps are disturbing the syncing process. So, after you have logged in to your system, start deleting the apps you have installed recently after which you started to face the issue.

Delete the Account and Setup Again

If after performing the above processes, the problem still persists then it is suggested to remove the account and then set up again with the mail. This will permanently eliminate all the traces of the account configuration. If you are worried about the Gmail messages and mailbox data, then no need to worry. All your data and emails will be safe.

Backup Gmail Data

If you think that removing the Gmail account would affect your data and other mailbox items then be prepared to create backup of your Gmail data. Infact, not just the account removal, there can be many situations which can lead to severe data loss. Don’t worry, we will provide a perfect and accurate solution for this. Use the smart Gmail Backup Tool by Data Recovery Solutions (DRS). The utility is the perfect solution to backup all the Gmail mailbox items in the system in no time. The tool offers several advanced and amazing features for its users. The software is capable of backing up every single email message without any system lag. There is also a free demo version available with the help of which users can backup first 50 items for free.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have discussed some possible solutions to resolve Apple mail not syncing with Gmail issues. We have also mentioned some causes of the issue and provided suitable solutions. Emails are the important asset for every individual or business, hence you should always have a backup of all your important Gmail data.

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