Backup and Save Multiple Gmail Emails in Google Drive As PDF

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As we all know that Gmail is one of the most widely used email service providers around the globe. While Gmail application allows users to archive any email message they receive, it is sometimes quite safe to save the important documents offline. You may be stuck in a situation where you want to open the Gmail emails and due to the unavailability of internet connection, you failed to access your important emails. PDF (Portable Document File) is a file format supported by multiple platforms. PDF is considered to be one of the most compatible file formats to store the documents. To save multiple Gmail emails in PDF format, we will discuss the most recommended and effective solutions in this blog.

Before moving any further, let’s discuss what is the need to export Gmail emails to PDF.

Why Is There a Need to Save Multiple Gmail Emails As PDF?

There can be numerous reasons to convert Gmail to PDF file format. Here we have mentioned some of the common reasons below :

  • PDF file format provides a security feature of password-protections for its users.
  • PDF is a cross-platform file type, and can easily be accessed on any Operating system like Windows, Linux, MAC OS, etc.
  • It can easily be shared by simply having an internet connectivity due to its portable functionality.

These are some of the countable reasons for which users want to save multiple emails as PDF Gmail. There can be some sudden situations as well which force users to convert Gmail to PDF.

Now, we will move further and see the DIY technique to save Gmail as PDF.

Manual Method to Export Gmail Emails to PDF

Here we have discussed the step by step manual solution for the users to save multiple Gmail emails as PDF. Follow the process provided below : 

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Go on the Gear icon. Then choose the settings option.


  • Go to the Labs tab and click on the enable option for Canned Responses. After this, click on the save changes button.


  • Select the email you want to export to PDF file format. Click on the In New Window option.


  • Now, click on the three dots and choose the Print option in the drop-down.


  • Select the saving format as Save as PDF and click on the Save button.


  • Choose the location to save the PDF.

These are the manual steps to save Gmail as PDF, but also there are several limitations of using these manual techniques. We have mentioned some of the limitations below – 


  • More time consuming and lengthy process.
  • It is difficult to save multiple emails as PDF Gmail.
  • Technical knowledge is required.
  • There is a risk of data loss.

There are some limitations with the manual technique as discussed above, so users can also use another method to avoid all the limitations and perform an hassle-free batch conversion.

Automated Solution to Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF

Users can also use the third-party automated solution to download Gmail as PDF. The professional solution keeps data security and accuracy in mind. You can use the smart Gmail Backup tool which can easily create a backup of all the Gmail data in different file formats as per the requirement like PDF, PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, CSV, etc. The utility can also directly export Gmail data to another email client such as Yahoo, Outlook, and Thunderbird. The software is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac OS. The is also a free demo version available to evaluate the performance and allows users to create backup of 50 emails for free.


In this blog, we have discussed how users can easily save multiple Gmail emails as PDF. We have discussed both the recommended manual as well as the automated solution to download Gmail as PDF. We can now conclude that there are several limitations of using the manual process. So, it is suggested to use the third-party professional solution for a quick and secure backup process.


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