Best Migration Tool Before G Suite Legacy Free Shutdown

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Google announced that from July 1, 2022, it is going to suspend the G Suite Legacy Free edition for business use. This announcement has influenced everyone using the free G Suite version because they have to upgrade to a premium subscription. But there are still options to prevent your data. Go through this article carefully. We will describe what you should do.

What Does the G Suite Legacy Free Edition?

G Suite Legacy Free Edition is a free version of G Suite that provides most of the Google apps with fewer Business features. It means Google allows you to use the G Suite services without any premium subscription. However, it puts a limit on what apps you can use.

Recently, it has been announced by Google that it will no longer offer the free service of premium G Suite Edition. It is going to shut down the G Suite Legacy Free Edition. Let us have a look at the message provided by Google Community.

G Suite Legacy Free Shutdown

The above message implies that the shutdown of the Google Legacy free edition has a different impact on both businesses and individuals.

The G Suite legacy free edition service will be stopped after June 27, 2022, and all the available G Suite free accounts will automatically be upgraded to the premium plan as per your usage. However, with this change in plan, users will get some additional features like more storage, enhanced security options, 24/7 support, etc.

Now, users who are using the G Suite application for personal use can convert their subscription to a no-cost plan. It means they can use the G suite applications without paying any cost. However, there is a downside. They can use the premium services.

The same goes for educational institutes and non-profit organizations.

What are the Alternatives for Users?

This latest update from Google has rendered users in a dilemma. They have only a few options. Now, we will explain to you what the options are.

#1. Upgrade to the Premium Subscription

The first option you have is to upgrade your G Suite plan to the premium subscription before your account gets deactivated. Google offers a Business Starter plan starting from Rs. 125/month. It provides basic features that are suitable for small businesses. Moreover, you can choose any subscription as per your requirement.

#2. Switch to Other Cloud-based Service

Apart from Google Workspace, various platforms provide cloud-based services. We will mention some of the most prominent platforms that offer online productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Office 365 – Microsoft Office 365 provides online access to all the productivity tools of the conventional Office Suite like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It is the best alternative to Google Workspace.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive platform that provides you with numerous services. Along with cloud computing, it also offers technologies like Blockchain, IOT, Database, etc.
  • Zoho – Zoho Office Suite is a cloud platform that offers a complete package of productivity and business collaboration tools. It gives you word processing applications, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Along with that, it also offers CRM and Sales and Marketing tools.

#3. Backup your G Suite Data

Backing up your data is another option that G Suite users have. They should download all their valuable data before their account gets suspended. Further

How can you backup your G Suite Data?

There are different options available to backup your Google Workspace data. You can download it all time via the manual technique. The Google Takeout feature help you migrate your complete Google data to your system.

The major drawback with the above method is that they have various complicated steps that are difficult to perform. So, I would recommend you to opt for the advanced DRS G Suite Backup Tool. It allows you to backup your complete data in a few simple steps.

Features of DRS G Suite Backup Tool

  • Backup mailbox data in different file formats like PST, EML, PDF, etc.
  • Download Drive, Contacts, Calendars, Gmail, and Hangout Chats.
  • Download complete data desired user accounts.
  • Date range filter to migrate only necessary items.
  • Allow G Suite data to Office 365 migration.


Google announced to stop its G Suite Legacy Free edition. Every user having this free version of G Suite will have to upgrade to the premium application. Otherwise, Google will automatically upgrade your plan to the premium subscription. In such a situation, you can either upgrade your subscription according to your need, switch to other cloud platforms, or backup your data using a professional tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t upgrade Google Workspace?

If you do not upgrade your G Suite account, you would not be able to access your Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet services. But, additional services like YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Photos will be available for use.

Is there a free alternative to G Suite?

Yes, there are different platforms that provide free cloud services similar to Google Workspace. Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Zoho, etc., are some of the prominent names that offer both free and premium plans.

Will G Suite free edition no longer be available for anyone?

Google announced that businesses can no longer use the G Suite Legacy free edition. However, you can still use this service for personal use with a limited set of features. Also, educational institutes and non-profit organizations can also avail the no-cost plan.

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