How to Export Gmail Emails to Text File – Recommended Steps

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Recently we have received a query regarding how to export Gmail emails to text files.

“I work in an IT organization in which I frequently need to share important Gmail emails as text files. So, I was looking for easy methods to export emails from Gmail to text files. After searching from various platforms, I did not find any suitable and reliable solution for this. Please help me by providing some easy ways through which I can convert Gmail emails into text file extensions.”

We received similar queries frequently in which users ask to back up their Gmail emails as text files. To solve this problem, we have prepared an article that explains different solutions to save your emails from Gmail into a txt file extension. So, make sure to read till the end. It will help you to get the best possible ways to export your Gmail emails.

Why Do You Need to Export Gmail Emails to Text Files?

Not every individual needs to convert emails from Gmail to text file extensions. However, there is a group of users that want to back up their Gmail emails in different file formats. Many reasons lead to exporting emails locally with the txt file format. Let us discuss some of the most prominent of them.

  • Text files are the simplest files that you can access on your device without having any third-party utility.
  • You can easily modify the file content if required through the inbuilt text editor tool.
  • Moreover, sharing a text file is very easy because of its small size. You can easily share the file via email or any other medium.
  • Another advantage of exporting your Gmail emails as txt files is that it works as a backup of your valuable emails. So, you can restore your email when needed.

These are the most common reasons for migrating your Gmail emails into a text file format. Depending upon the individual and their requirement, there can be other reasons too. Now, it is time to discuss different methods to export Gmail emails to text files.

How to Export Emails from Gmail to Text File?

The complete procedure to export Gmail messages to plain text consists of multiple steps. First, you need to export your Gmail email into PDF file format. After that, you have to access that PDF file using MS word. Then, convert that PDF file into a text file via MS Word. This is a manual approach to exporting Gmail emails into a text file format. There is another solution that requires minimal technical knowledge and time. First, let us discuss the standard method to export Gmail emails to text files.

Step 1: Export Gmail Emails into PDF File Format

  • Login to your Gmail email account using the appropriate credentials.
  • Now, open the email you want to export as a PDF file.
  • After that, click on the Print icon at the top right. It will open the Print wizard.
  • Choose Microsoft print to PDF in the Destination field and hit the Print button.
  • Assign a suitable name and location to the PDF file and click on the Save button.
  • It will save your Gmail email as a PDF file in your system.

Step 2: Convert PDF to TXT Using MS Word

  • Now, go to the location where you saved the Gmail email as a PDF file. Select the file and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Open with option and select MS Word. This will open the PDF file in Microsoft Word.
  • Now, you will see the email in Word. Click on the File button at the top menu bar.
  • After that, select the Save As option from the left section.
  • Expand the field of saving options and choose Plain Text from the list. Hit the Save button.
  • This will save your Gmail email as a Text file.

After performing the above procedure, your Gmail email will be saved into the txt file extension. This method is suitable when you want to convert only a few emails into text format. However, if you want to convert multiple Gmail emails simultaneously, this approach is not suitable.

Therefore, we recommend you opt for a professional tool that allows you to export the complete mailbox into any desired file format easily and effectively.

Professional Solution to Export Gmail Messages to Text File

DRS Gmail Backup tool is the most recommended software to export Gmail emails to text files and many other file formats. You can also migrate your Gmail emails to other email clients without disturbing the file integrity. Moreover, the application provides various advanced options to customize the file conversion as per your requirement. Above all, the GUI of the application is self-explanatory. Thus, it is the ideal solution for both novice and technical users.

Key Takeaways

After reading the article, it can be concluded that you can easily save your Gmail emails into your system as a text file. You first need to print the emails as PDFs. Then open it in MS Word and save it as plain text. It will save your Gmail email in txt file format. However, this approach is suitable when you want to convert only a few emails. If you want to convert your emails in bulk, you should better opt for the professional Gmail backup tool that provides numerous advanced features to easily export Gmail emails to text files.

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