Fix Access Database Error – Cannot Open Access Database

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Synopsis: Through this blog, I will be discussing all the possible causes for getting Access database error – “cannot open access database”. Furthermore, I’m also going to discuss all the possible ways to get rid of “can’t open access database” error using native as well as professional solutions.

We all aware with the fact that MS Access is one of the most well structured and systematic Database Management System provided by Microsoft. Because of its exclusive user-centered interface and extraordinary functionality, it is used in various small or large business organizations and has become very popular among the users. On the top of that, the data stored in MS Access Database is in ACCDB file format which is linked directly to data that is stored in other application. For instance XML, HTML, SharePoint, Outlook etc. Despite that, there is the various situation that can cause database files corrupt and create ‘ cannot open database it may not be a database that your application recognizeserror’’.

cannot open access database

Before jumping to the solution, let’s first find out the actual responsible for Access file won’t open error or inaccessibility of MS Database file.

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Cannot Open Access Database

Responsible factors for inaccessibility of MS Access Database File

If users are unable to open their ACCDB files in MS Access or encountering can’t open Access database file then the most likely reason is a corruption of file. Corruption is a habitually recurring that can cause ACCDB file inaccessible. So it’s important to restore data using a reliable third party tool.

ms access error 3049

Other reasons responsible for “Cannot Open Access Database” error

  • Access file won’t open error can occur due to hardware and software clashes.
  • Due to storage of large volume data file can damage.
  • Involuntary deletion of data and storage media format.
  • Due to damage or structure of ACCDB file.
  • If a user has restored the database from invalid backup.
  • Due to an unsupported (incompatible) version of MS Access file which is created in 2016, 2013 and all the below versions.

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How to resolve/fix Access cannot open database error 3049?

There are several ways to fix/resolve access cannot open database created previous version error and they are:

Try to convert Access MDB file to ACCDB

Although, MS Access provides a manual procedure that can send data from previous MDB versions to the recent and latest ACCDB in order to view the included content. To begin with, it’s stated to close all the programs and files related to MS Access. This process can only be executed in access 2007 and later versions. To do this follow the steps mentioned below:

  • At first, Open MS Access, Click on a file and click open
  • From the opened dialogue box open the Access MDB file that you want to convert it to ACCDB file format
  • Click on Save and Publish on the file tab
  • Click on Access database given under Database file types
  • Now click on save as
  • Now give a name to the converted file in the file name and click on save
  • A copy of the database is created and can be opened by application & MS Access will automatically close the original database file.

Note: Make sure all the programs should be closed during the recovery process.

Alternate method to fix “Cannot Open Access Database” error

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you then you can check out the all in one Solution called MS Access Database Recovery tool to repair (MDB & ACCDB) &Restores (OLE, MEMO, &BLOB) MS Access Database Files. This standalone Windows-based Product performs smooth Access Recovery in just no time. Some of its prominent features are:

  • It supports the recovery of large OLE and MEMO data and restores BLOB data.
  • The tool recovers all the data and file objects from corrupt database files.
  • It allows a preview of recovered data before saving them.
  • It is Compatible with all the Window versions be it Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 2003.
Bottom Line

Many business organizations rely on MS Access database application hence, any issue in it can be troublesome. One kind of error that is most encountered by the users is “cannot open Access database” file error. Hence to fix this issue, we have discussed both manual and professional solutions fix above mentioned error without any hassle.



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