MySQL Error 1064: Easy Workaround to Fix SQL Syntax Error?

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SQL Syntax errors are some of the frantic error which can really affect the workability of the SQL database. However, they can easily be fixed once you figure the reason for the occurrence. One such error is MySQL Error 1064 which takes place due to the incorrect syntax typing in SQL queries. Let’s discuss more about error 1064.

The SQL error code 1064 takes place due to the input of illogical command in within the Structured Query Language or SQL. Syntax errors are just like any grammar mistake in any language. So, when you input some incorrect commands the SQL could not understand what you are saying are ends up with errors like 1064. The below-given screenshot will help you to identify MySQL error 1064.

error 1064

Causes for MySQL Error 1064

The most popular reason for the occurrence of this errors are as follows:

  1. Mistyping in the command lines is the prime reason for this error.
  2. Also, outdated or deprecated commands can lead to this error.
  3. If some data goes missing and query specifically requires that data, error 1064 pops up.
  4. Usage of different Reserved words is one of the reasons as different versions of MySQL use different reserved words.

Easy Workaround to Fix SQL Syntax Error 1064

When MySQL encounter some fault, it automatically indicates the problem description along with the method to fix it. So, when MySQL faces syntax error 1064, it provides multiple methods to fix it. Below I have discussed the simplest yet most effective methods to eradicate the problem.

Fixing Mistyped Commands

Like we discussed the most common reason for the occurrence of this error is mistype or wrong commands. Example, “UPDATE table emp set id=0”, here the update is mistyped. So to fix it all we need to do is correct the wrong commands. Recheck all the commands and spelling before executing once again. Referring to your MySQL manual is highly recommended as all the syntax are different for all the versions. The error will be resolved when you replace all the mistyped commands with the correct one. You can also take help of IDEs and SQL tools if you are having some problem with fixing manually.

Reserved Words

Reserved words vary from versions to versions of MySQL as every version have there own listing of keywords. Basically reserved keywords are used to perform a specific task and are used for different intents in the MySQL database. Example “Create Table alter (name, id)”, in this “alter” is the reserved word but it is restricted to be used only with some special requirement.

Hence to fix this type of problems all you need to use the special requirements to call the functionality in the MySQL query. In the case of “alter,” you need to use (`) to make it work.

Missing Data

Sometimes when the data get lost from the SQL database and that data is required for the execution of the query errors 1064 is generated. Therefore to fix all you need to do is just enter the missing data using the dashboard interface of the application. It is generally done via phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench. These applications help you to insert the missing data manually to the exact row of the table.

Recommended Tool To Fix SQL Database Errors

Sometimes fixing errors can become tricky and might corrupt the whole database i.e. the MDF and NDF files. So, you must use a professional self-proficient automated tool to fix all type of errors of the SQL database. SQL Recovery Tool is one of the best tool out there in the market. If the database is corrupted or damaged then also you can use this tool to restore and cover all the database files. It can easily recover all the files objects including tables, views, stored procedure, programmability, triggers, etc.

A video demonstration on how to fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012 & 2008



MySQL error 1064 appears harmless but sometimes can become very tricky to fix. There are multiple reasons for the cause and multiple ways to fix SQL syntax error. But we would suggest you perform the manual fixes only if you are an experienced user, otherwise, the professional tool to fix SQL error would be a wise choice.


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