How to Backup OneDrive to Google Drive & Why It Is Necessary

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Summary: The following article will provide you with all the necessary information required to backup OneDrive to Google Drive. It explains the procedure for migration and comparison between these two cloud storage. Also, we recommend the best solution for OneDrive to Google Drive migration. So, read the article carefully.


Every user prefers to save their valuable data on cloud storage, and most of them want to export their valuable items from one cloud storage to another. There are numerous advantages to this, but the main reason depends exclusively on the user’s requirement.

OneDrive is a cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. You can store your valuable files and access them from virtually anywhere using this utility. On the other hand, Google Drive is a free Google product that provides the same facility of cloud storage.

Both MS OneDrive and Google Drive do the same task. However, they have differences in their features and applications. Let us see why you should backup photos from OneDrive to Google Drive.

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Why Backup OneDrive to Google Drive?

Both OneDrive and Google Drive have pros and cons. We are not favoring any one of these. We are comparing the features and services of these two cloud storage platforms. Because you would make better decisions upon learning their characteristics.

Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive
It is a product of Microsoft. It is a product of Google.
OneDrive offers 5 GB storage in the free plan Google Drive provides 15 GB of storage in the free plan
Additional 100 GB storage space for Rs. 152 per month Additional 100 GB storage for Rs.133/Month
Access via Windows computer Access via both mobile and computer
Desktop based application is available No Desktop application is available

These are some of the basic features of OneDrive and Google Drive. It helps you to identify whether you need to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive or not. Now, let us see how you can migrate your files from one cloud storage to another.

How to Transfer File from OneDrive to Google Drive Free

There are different approaches through which you can backup OneDrive to Google Drive. The manual technique requires technical knowledge because it consists of various steps. Below we are explaining the procedure with a clear depiction.

  • Login to your Microsoft Office 365
  • Click on the App Launcher and select the OneDrive option.
  • Now, you will see all the items available in your MS OneDrive.

open onedrive dashboard

  • Select the items you want to backup and click on the Download button.

click on mails to backup onedrive to google drive

  • It will download the OneDrive files in compressed form.
  • After that, log in to your Gmail account and Go to Google Drive.
  • Click on the New button and select the File Upload option.

click on File Upload option

  • Now, locate the file you previously downloaded from OneDrive and click the Open button.

After performing these steps, your files have been uploaded from OneDrive to Google Drive. However, the manual technique has some restrictions.

Are Manual Techniques Helpful to Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive?

Manual techniques, as you can see, are not convenient for novice users when transferring valuable data. We explain some of the most common issues with the standard approach.

  • This approach requires basic technical knowledge.
  • Complicated and time-consuming process.
  • You have to manually select every desired item.

Now, you might be thinking, what is the best solution to export data from one cloud storage to another?

A Professional Way to Backup OneDrive to Google Drive

DRS OneDrive Migration Tool is a professional solution to backup your OneDrive data to Google Drive. You can also backup photos from OneDrive to Google Drive. This application is ideal for new users because the working procedure is very simple and interactive.

Features of OneDrive Backup Tool

  • Backup selective data based on their file format.
  • Provide you with a date-range mail filtering option for precise backup.
  • Option to allow duplicate files from OneDrive to another.
  • A simple and interactive user interface for a better user experience.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.

How to Use the Application?

  • Download the application. Install and run it as administrator.
  • Enter your Office 365 login credentials to access OneDrive.
  • After that, choose the items to export from the OneDrive preview.
  • Specify other options as per your preference.
  • Select the destination to backup your data.
  • Finally, click on the Next button to initialize the migration.


After reading the complete article, you have learned everything required to backup OneDrive to Google Drive. The manual technique is only suitable when you have the required technical knowledge. So, we suggest you use the exclusive OneDrive Migration tool.

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