How To Convert Outlook Email to PDF With Attachments

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How to Convert Outlook email to PDF with attachments” is one of the common queries asked by many Outlook users on different tech forums. If you are also one such user who wants to save his/her Outlook email message in the PDF format, let’s read this blog. We are highlighting a few easy methods to convert Outlook email message to PDF file format.

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More or less, every Outlook user feels a need to back up their mailbox emails to their system. It is beneficial in many ways. Outlook inbuilt export feature allows you to download all your valuable data in PST and CSV file format. But, the main problem with that is you cannot access your emails easily.

The most accessible file format is PDF. You can open a PDF file on almost any device. So, if you convert Outlook to PDF, It would be the best way to save them and access them when needed. Along with accessibility, there are many other benefits of converting Outlook to PDF. Let us discuss the most prominent of them.

Reasons to Convert Outlook Mail to PDF?

Although there are numerous causes to save Outlook email as PDF, we will cover some of the most prominent ones.

  • Saving your mailbox emails into your system helps you recover the data in case of data loss.
  • You can easily access your Outlook emails on other devices without Outlook.
  • It is a document format that preserves the content in its original structure, whether you open it on mobile or desktop.
  • Adding password protection to the PDF file is another prominent cause to convert mail into PDF.

Now, you have learned all the prevalent benefits of exporting emails to PDF. It is time to learn the complete procedure to convert Outlook email to PDF online.

How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments?

MS Outlook has some inbuilt features to backup your mailboxes into your system. There is also an effective manual technique to download your emails in PDF file format. You have to perform a few simple steps in the Outlook application. Below are the steps you require for the mailbox migration.

#1. Print Outlook email to PDF file format

  • Open MS Outlook application in your system.
  • Click on the File button in the top-right menu.

File button

  • After that, select the Print tab from the left section.

select the Print tab to convert Outlook email to PDF

  • In the Printer section, choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option.

choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option

  • Click on the Print button to proceed further.

Click on the Print button

  • Specify the File Name and Save as Type of the desired mailbox.

Specify the File Name and Save as Type

  • At last, click Save to Convert Outlook email to PDF.

click Save to Convert Outlook email to PDF

#2. Use MS Word to Save Emails as PDF

  • Launch MS Outlook and open the desired email.
  • Click on the File button in the menu bar.
  • After that, choose the Save As tab in the left pane.
  • Define the destination and file name to the Outlook file. Select the HTML file in Save as type and click on the Save button.
  • After that, open this HTML file of Outlook email through MS Word.
  • Press File and choose the Save As tab from the left section.
  • Finally, select PDF from the list and press the Save button.

You can convert email message to PDF file format by performing the above steps. Despite that, users prefer an automated solution over manual techniques. Let us see what the drawbacks of manual methods are.

Are Manual Methods Suitable for Everyone?

Manual methods are free of cost. However, there are various limitations of these techniques because of which they are not suitable for every user. We explain the most significant drawbacks of manual solutions.

  • They consist of complex steps. So, you must have sufficient technical knowledge to perform them.
  • These techniques are time-consuming. You cannot perform bulk migration of your mailbox data.
  • Sometimes, these methods lead to file corruption and data loss because of not performing the procedure correctly.

The manual approach has such considerable problems. What would be the best solution to migrate your mailbox data? We provide you with a better alternative to the complicated DIY solution.

Professional Solution to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Document

PDF Converter for Outlook is the most recommended solution to convert Outlook email to PDF file format. It is an exceptional application that provides you with incomparable features. Not only PDF, but you can also convert your complete Outlook emails in OST, MBOX, CSV, HTML, and many other formats in one go. Also, it has a simple and interactive user interface considering the technical naivety of beginners.


After reading this blog, I hope you have understood how to convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments. We provide all possible techniques of migration. Also, we explain the professional solution that is the most recommended technique and ideal for beginners.

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