How to Export Gmail Emails as MBOX Files – A Complete Guide

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Did you know that the emails in your Gmail account are available for download? Can you export emails from your Gmail? Well if you don’t know about this then you can read here how to download Gmail emails to your computer. In this technical essay, we will be going to cover how to export Gmail emails as MBOX files with attachments.

Solutions: You can export Gmail Mailbox and gmail calendar and other files as MBOX files in two ways. One is by using Google Takeout or Takeaway and secondly by using third-party Gmail Backup Tool.

  • Method 1: Export Gmail Emails as MBOX via Google Takeout.
  • Method 2: Export Gmail to MBOX Format via Gmail Backup Software.

 Let’s understand both the procedures in detail.

Working of Gmail Archive

To archive, Gmail emails visit Google data download page, log in your account, create emails archive, and check for new Gmail entries. When the user goes for the Gmail archive method then google emails a link to the archive location. Based on the quantity of the information, this procedure may take several minutes or hours. Many of the users get the link on the same day.

The email storage file format used to store email messages as a single text file known as MBOX file. This MBOX file saves emails in a concentrated manner which means it stores data files one after the other. Beginning from the header.

Method 1: Free Steps to Export Gmail Emails as MBOX Files – Export Gmail to MBOX

Follow the steps to download the copy of the messages in your Gmail account as an MBOX file format.


  • From the two options select one as per your requirement.
  • Pick “All mail” if you need to download the complete Gmail mailbox
  • In “include all your mail” option choose the Gmail email folders to want to create archive as MBOX.


  • Click the Done
  • After that select the file type from the list.
  • And Hit the Create Archive


  • As per the delivery method, the created ZIP file or any other file type will be sent to you through an email to download the Gmail archive data on your computer.


Method 2: How to Transfer Gmail Emails Data to MBOX using Gmail Backup Utility (Recommended)

The Gmail Backup Software is a professional tool to export emails from Gmail to MBOX. The Gmail user can easily transfer the complete Gmail mailbox to the MBOX file format without any hassle. The tool supports conversion of all Gmail emails with other attachments like Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, Tasks, Appointments, Meetings, etc to MBOX within few seconds. Later, you can also convert MBOX files to PST, EML, MSG and other files formats using a reliable MBOX to PST Converter tool.

Go through the following steps to export Gmail emails to MBOX files hassle-free:

  • Download and launch the Gmail Backup tool on your machine.
  • Login with your Gmail account credentials.
  • From the drop-down list choose MBOX format.
  • Select the file saving path to store Gmail emails as MBOX.
  • Check for the other file saving options and click NEXT.
  • Wait till the software takes a complete backup of Gmail files as MBOX.
  • Click OK after the completion of the process and exit the software.

Time to Conclude

We curated two different methods to export Gmail Emails as MBOX files. The first one is a free approach which requires patience as there is no fixed time. Additionally, one should be technically sound to use the first approach.

The second method is an automated solution to transfer all your Gmail data to MBOX with ease. The tool also offers the date range filter option for selective conversion of Gmail to MBOX. In short, if you want to export your Gmail account data to MBOX file format without any issue or without wasting too much time then the Gmail backup Software is best designed for you.


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