How To Export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook?

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There are mostly two computer platforms such as Windows and Mac. According to a Livemint report, Apple registered double-digit growth in India. Most of the users are engaged in using Mac rather than Windows. Apple Email addresses are easy to view and sort messages according to your preferences.

If you want to export iPhone Mail contacts to Outlook or some other application. So, you are in the right place to find a solution to export. Before the solution, let us discuss the reasons to export Mac mail contacts to Outlook.

Why Export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook?

There are several reasons why a particular user needs to Export the Apple Mail Contacts list to MS Outlook. The reasons are mentioned as further:

  1. Any Mac user is Switching to Windows and wants to access Outlook.
  2. To Share the Information from Macintosh to Windows users.
  3. The file is saved in MBOX format in Apple Mail which means we cannot just extract the Outlook contacts and import them into Apple Mail.

There are different solutions available to solve the issue of Exporting Apple Mail Contacts to Outlook. The solutions are given below:

Different Solutions to Export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook

The exporting method is not that complex. You can easily export the apple mail contact lists through the below-mentioned ways.

  1. Via CSV Format / Using VCF Format.

First, you have to save the iPhone Mail Contacts in CSV format or VCF format, Then you have to export the CSV or VCF format using the Import/Export option from MS Outlook.

  1. Using a third-party tool

Now, let us understand these methods in detail.

1.   Save iPhone Mail Contact to CSV Format

You can export your MAC Mail Contacts with CSV format by following some easy steps:

  • Open the Contacts from the Apple Mail application folder.
  • Then, Double-click on the contacts that you want to export.
  • Now, Extract your contact list.
  • Then, select all contacts and copy
  • Now, open MS Excel.
  • Paste selected contacts in the MS Excel sheet.
  • Then click on the File menu > Export > select .CSV format.
  • Hit on the Next button from the newly appeared window.
  • At last, select the location where you want to save it.

2.   Save Apple Email Address in VCF Format

  • First, On your Mac system, open the Contacts Application.
  • Select All the contacts you want to export.
  • Then, open the contact menu > file > Export > Export vCard.
  • At last, Put a name for them and select the desired location where you want to save it.
  • Your contacts have been saved in vCard format.

3.   Now Import the CSV or VCF format in MS Outlook

The steps that are mentioned above will save your CSV/VCF file at the desired location. The saved CSV or VCF file can be exported to MS Outlook by using the MS Outlook application itself. The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, open the Outlook application and click on File on the menu bar and choose Open & Export. And click on Import/Export.
  • Import/Export dialog box will appear. Select and Import a VCARD file (.vcf) and click\
  • Then, Select Import a VCARD file/CSV File. Here, the selected format is CSV. Now, after selecting the CSV format click on OK to proceed.
  • Now, click on the people of your MS Outlook or click on the three dots and select
  • Now, you will see the updated contacts in your MS Outlook software.

The solutions that are given above will solve the issue of exporting Mac Mail Contacts to Outlook.

The above-mentioned method has some limitations like time-consuming, data loss, inconsistency during the exportation processes. So, to avoid such limitations you can opt for a third-party tool to directly export Apple Mail contact lists to MS Outlook.

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Professional Method to Export Mac Mail Contacts to Outlook

The MBOX File Converter, instantly export your Mac mail contacts to the MS Outlook system. Using this tool, any user can export the MBOX Files into the desired formats like PST, EML, EMLX, AOL, Gmail, Thunderbird, Live Exchange, Office 365, and many more.

Unique Features of MBOX File Converter

The MBOX File Converter has some prominent features. The features are as follows:

  • It does Batch MBOX file conversion to PST with multiple file selections & conversion.
  • Multiple Saving Options to open MBOX in Outlook PST, EML MSG, RTF, HTML, PST, EML, MSG.
  • The Excellent Preview Option enables users to have the complete detail of the files.
  • .There is no data loss while converting MBOX files.
  • Widely compatible with Windows 10 and all other lower versions available.
  • Supports all the corrupt MBOX/MBX

Summing Up

The above-mentioned process will help you to export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook. The users generally face this issue while switching from Mac to Windows. We have described the process of saving your Mac mails to CSV or VCF Format in detail. After that, we have described importing the CSV or VCF format in MS Outlook in some easy steps. Hence, even a non-technical user can easily access this tool without any obstacles and solve the issue of exporting Mac Mail Contacts to Outlook.


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