How to Merge Multiple vCard (VCF) Files into One?

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If you are sharing multiple contacts with multiple users, then it is certain that you must have gathered a bunch of files in your computer storage. Those are the vCard file that goes with the .vcf extension for contacts. It is a difficult situation to handle those numerous files that is why we need to merge multiple vCard files into one. In this blog, we will discuss some basics about vCard and various methods to merge the files. Go through this blog carefully for more information.

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What are vCard Files?

VCF files are formally known as the vCard and the full form is virtual contact files. Files in this format are used to store contact information for individuals and businesses in a digital format. Using these files, you can easily share contacts via email without errors. It contains information such as mobile number, name, address, email address, and many more.

Let us find out the need to merge multiple VCF files into one.

Why Do We Need to Combine VCF Files into One?

There are various reasons to combine multiple VCF files into one. Some of the major reasons are security reasons while others are mentioned below, go through them carefully.

  •       Combining two or more vCards will make it easier to manage all the contacts.
  •       You can open and view it in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  •       Data integration requires VCF files.
  •       You can combine multiple VCF files in your address book to organize your contacts.

How to Merge Multiple vCard (VCF) Files into One

To combine or merge multiple VCF files into one, you have to follow the below steps. This method is free and available to all users.

Manual Method

  •       To start, copy the vCard files that you wish to merge into a single folder.
  •       On your keyboard press the Windows key + R key to open the Run command.

press the Windows key + R key to merge multiple vcf files into one

  •       Type ‘cmd’ in the search to open the windows command prompt on your computer.

Type ‘cmd’ in the search

  •       Select the folder where the vCard files are stored.
  •       Now, type this command: (copy *.vcf xyz combined vcard.vcf). Here, xyz combined vcard:- Name of resultant vCard file.
  •      There will be one vCard file for all files. The file name will be all.vcf.
  •      Using this new VCF file, users can easily share and import to email clients.

The above method is freely available, but due to complicated and long steps, it is time-consuming. Therefore, to ease the process, we have an alternate method that is secure and easy to use with numerous features as well.

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Professional Method to Merge Multiple VCF Files Into One on PC

DRS vCard Splitter & Merger is the best alternative to merge multiple VCF files into one. Not only that, if your VCF files are oversized then you can easily split and merge them into one because of the advanced splitting feature of this software. This application is available for all Windows OS. Using this utility, you can also import multiple vCards into Gmail with ease.

Let us move forward with the merging process of the professional tool below.

  •       Download and launch the DRS vCard Merge and Split software.
  •       After that Add the folders and files that you want to merge or split.
  •       Then, select the folder where you saved your files on your computer and click Open.
  •       Wait for until the folders get scanned.
  •       You can here preview the files that you have selected.
  • Browse the destination path by clicking on Destination path.
  •       Now select whether you want to Split or Merge.
  •       Here, we will merge samples from multiple VCF files into one just for example. After completion of the process, you will receive a pop-up that the merging process is now completed.


In this above blog, we have discussed some basics about VCF and the steps to merge multiple vCard files into one using manual as well as professional tool. Though, the manual method is time-consuming and complicated. So, choosing a professional method to merge or combine vCard files would be a wise choice.

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