How to Open Source VDI file in Windows 10 without VirtualBox?

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VDI file is known as Virtual desktop infrastructure that is meant for hosting the desktop surroundings on a server. It is basically when desktop images are run in the virtual machine and then are given to the customers through the network.

Virtualbox is the application that is used for virtualization. VDI file image is compatible with VirtualBox. These files are saved in hard disk separately such as Windows and Linux platforms. Let’s take a look at the approaches to access VDI file contents.

How to Open Source VDI File without Windows?

  1. First, copy-paste the VDI file in VirtualBox hard disk.
  2. Open VirtualBox and create a new machine. Select the OS from the given choices and then hit Next.
  3. In Virtual Hard Disk, select the current hard disk and then hit the folder icon in the right corner.
  4. Next, the Virtual media manager window will display on your screen. In the manager window, hit the Add button to choose the VDI file you wish to open.
  5. In the Virtual hard disk window, The new VDI file will be shown, then click Next to proceed further.
  6. Now your Virtual machine is ready to get started.

This is how you can open VDI file in windows 10 without any software!

Directly View and Read VDI File on Windows

If you face any issue opening the VirtualBox .vdi file using above method then opt for the best-suited utility called VDI Recovery. This is a modern solution to read VDI on Windows System and to solve Virtual Box issues. follow the below steps to open Source VDI file in Windows:

  1. Download and Install the tool VDI recovery on your system. Choose the disk type and hit the Browse button to select a location of VDI file, you wish to recover.
  2. After file selection, you can now view the VDI file contents. Check them and press next to continue further.
  3. Check the checkbox beside the statement ”save disk image” if you are willing to save them.
  4. Choose one of the scanning modes to scan the file. Check the checkbox beside “GPT format” if the file is of GPT partition.
  5. After scanning the VDI file, a window will display up with all the file content in a tree-structure.
  6. Check-out the preview of the VDI data and if the file is corrupted you can move further. Or simply exit the app.


  • Option to open the VDI files on Windows.
  • It Repairs damaged VDI Files(Virtual disk image files) as well.
  • Recovers deleted files of Virtual hard disk, to its original form.
  • It Recovers data from Fixed and dynamic disk types.
  • Available with two scanning modes: Standard and advanced.
  • Compatible with partition tables like MBR and GPT.
  • Allows adding custom volume and settings to VDI file.
  • Compatible with operating systems like FAT64, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, FAT, FAT16, EXTX, etc.
  • Advanced searching features to search VDI files in the system.


Above, we have discussed How to open Source VDI file in Windows 10 without using Virtualbox. Customized products like a utility built for a specific task are much more effective as compared to manual/standard approach. As the only thing, it focuses on is the task itself. Whereas, the manual approach is rammed with information. Also, if the user skips a step, it puts the data into risk. I hope you find this tip useful.

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