Gmail to Office365 – How to Migrate Gmail Emails to O365

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Gmail is one of the most popular Email Service providers in the World. At first I was also astonished about the fact that people want to Migrate Email from Gmail to Office 365. But now, after learning about the legacy of Office 365 for 30+ years I came to realize that it has a very rich and unique bond with the consumers that are using it.

Office 365 has a better Ecosystem and is more practical from a business point of view. Although we have google docs, google spreadsheets, google presentation but, the hands on experience that people are having with Microsoft excel, word, presentation etc. is the main reason people are performing IMAP migration to office 365.

How to Migrate Gmail Email to Office365?

There are 2 ways by which you can transfer your Gmail emails to Office 365 that are as follows:

  1. Migrate Gmail Emails to office 365 using Manual Method.
  2. Migrate Email from Gmail to Office 365 using Professional tool.

Let us talk about and learn about both the methods one by one in brief:

Migrate Emails from Gmail to office 365 using Manual Method

Step 1: Verification of Domain Name

If you have purchased your own Domain, then you first need to verify the same for your Gmail account. Unlike others if you do not have a Domain, no need to worry about anything, all you need to do is to add users manually to office 365 for IMAP migration to office 365.

Step-2: Creating and Adding users to office 365

We have the privilege of adding both single and multiple users to office 365 according to our convenience. We have to make sure about the fact that we must have a valid license certification, otherwise the whole process fails.

  1. Now in office 365 under admin center preview first click on the user’s option that you find below the home button that is on the left hand panel side of your screen.
  2. After this click on Active Users option under this you have the options to add both single users and multiple users at the same time.
  3. If you want to add the single user, then click on add user option and for multiple users click on the Import Multiple Users option.

Active users

  1. For multiple users option you need to create a .CSV file in which you have to add various user information such as username, DOB, contact number etc.
  2. Your username should be containing the email address from which you want to migrate email from Gmail to office 365.
  3. Now, after making your .CSV file with all the mentioned information in the above steps you need to add the file in multiple user’s section by clicking on the browse option. Once you add the file click on next to continue.

next to continue

Step-3: Listing of Gmail Emails that need to be migrated

You have to create a list which contains all the mailboxes that need to be migrated from Gmail to Office 365. Make sure you are the administrator and both username and password are mentioned in the list.

Now, you have to follow some steps to move further which are mentioned below:

  1. Open Gmail Suite and Login using Administrator credentials.
  2. Select list of users you want to add.
  3. Make an excel file with all the user credentials like username, id and passwords for the mailboxes that you need to migrate.

Once the file is made make sure you save that file in .CSV comma delimited file format.

email address

Step-4: Creation of migration Endpoints

Migration endpoints is a link or a communication channel through which migration of Gmail Email to office 365 is done. It is the passage that needs to be made in order to perform the swift and sound transfer operation.

  1. Open the exchange admin center after logging in, click on recipients then migrate and select migration endpoints.
  2. Make a new endpoint and click on IMAP.
  3. For IMAP configuration you need to set map server information as and select settings option as default.

If the connection is made successfully then a new page opens up as Enter General Information Page, enter your endpoint name here and click on new to proceed.

endpoint name

Step-5: Creation of Migration Batch for successful mailbox transfer

In order to migrate Gmail to office 365, you need to create a batch where all the Gmail mailboxes information is there.

  1. Go to the exchange option under the admin center.


  1. In Exchange click on Recipients and then migration.
  2. Click on plus (+) sign for adding a new file and then select the option as migrate to exchange online.

migrate to exchange

  1. Now, select IMAP Migration and click on next.
  2. Move to Select the user screen option here add the .CSV file that has the user credentials.
  3. Once the .CSV file is verified by Office 365 it shows Gmail mailbox click on next to continue.
  4. Now, you will come across the Set the Migration Endpoint option here and add the migration endpoints that we have created earlier.
  5. Continue with the default set of values on the IMAP configuration page.
  6. Under Move configuration option, a migration batch needs to be added. Make sure that, there should not be any special characters or spaces while mentioning the name.

Now provide the required information as mentioned on the start the batch page and click on migration to start migrating email from Gmail to office 365.

Step-6: Updation of DNS records for direct migration.

Your Emailing system consists of the DNS record that is known as MX record. MX records work is to point the Email to Gmail but, now we are migrating our Email from Gmail to Office 365 so, this pointer must point towards Office 365.

  1. To perform this, click on Admin center and then select settings option on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. Now, click on the domain option and select domain name.
  3. Select option as Select my own DNS records.
  4. Now add MX records for your respective domains. Please take note that all of them must be unique in nature.

After this you will be able to migrate Email from Gmail to Office 365 manually.

Migrate Email from Gmail to Office 365 using Professional DRS tool

In order to Migrate Email From Gmail to Office 365 you need to use the Professional DRS tool that is, Gmail Backup Tool. Gmail email backup tool performs Gmail migration to Office 365 in an effective and efficient manner.

The DRS Gmail backup tool has several features that makes it best amongst all:

  1. It can quickly convert and backup Gmail Email into various file formats like PST, JSON, DOC, PST, EMAIL, PNG, MBOX etc.
  2. You can directly export the Email from Gmail to yahoo, office 365, thunderbird, iCloud and other email clients.
  3. It provides an automated backup process monthly, on a daily basis, and weekly.
  4. Easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  5. You can also backup and save Gmail email attachments.
  6. It also provides you to take Gmail backup on external hard-drive, computer or laptop.


I have explained both the methods above and now you are quite well versed with the fact that manual methods are very lengthy in nature. Chances of errors are very high in manual methods, and if you are not tech savvy then this method can cause you loss of very crucial data. I suggest you to go for professional tool as it has the capability to Migrate Email from Gmail to office 365 with ease and accuracy in lesser time with great results.


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