How to Transfer and Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail – 2 Easy Methods

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Do you want to migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail? Or are you looking for solutions that can help you to transfer yahoo Mail to Gmail? Then this article is meant for you. In this article, I am going to share some of the manual and professional approach that will help users to migrate Yahoo to Gmail without facing any difficulty.

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Many users probably want to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail as they find Gmail to be more promising than Yahoo emails. Gmail also offers some other functionalities to its users in addition to the basic mailing part. However, before going into depth in the article, let me first provide a short overview of Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Brief About Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Yahoo Mail is an email service provider that was first introduced in the year 1997. It comes with four different sets of email packages that you can choose depending upon your requirement. On the other hand, Gmail is an email service provided by Google. It started in the year 2004 with a 1 GB storage capacity which has now reached up to 15 GB. While both remain useful email service providers, Gmail has somehow won the race. Today many users have started to migrate email from Yahoo to Gmail due to the advanced features like Google Drive, G – Suite migration, Google Docs, etc. Another vital cause to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail is that users are not satisfied with the services provided by Yahoo in terms of a grouping of emails, absence of save option at the time of composing mail, etc. Therefore, I am revealing some of the techniques that users can follow to switch from Yahoo to Gmail and avail of its benefits.

Methods to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Different approaches can be applied to export Yahoo mail to Gmail. Users can either follow a manual approach or take help from professional software to transfer Yahoo mail to Gmail. So, firstly let us see a manual technique of how to forward Yahoo Mails to Gmail, and later we will learn about an automated approach.

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Manual Method to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail

You can refer to the steps listed below to perform the manual procedure-

  • Login to your Gmail Account.
  • Move to the Settings section of your account.


  • Next, select the Accounts and Import Tab.

accounts and import

  • Here, select the Import Mail and Contacts option.

import mail and contact

  • Next, in this box, you have to enter your Yahoo email Id and go for next. (Click on Agree button to ensure confirmation of your export request).

yahoo email id

  • Here just hit on the Start Import button to start the transfer process.

start migration

With the above steps, the manual method to move Yahoo mail to Gmail ends here. You can follow the above steps and complete your export task. Although, this is the best free approach for migrating emails yet it cannot be recommended to every common user. As because some of the users who have earlier opted for this methodology has raised certain problems about this system. Some of the major issues attached to this process are noted down below.

Problems in Manual Method while Migrating Yahoo Mail to Gmail

  • This process requires a large amount of time to complete the migration work.
  • Any non-technical or beginner user will not be able to perform this methodology.
  • The method does not include any advanced facilities like an email filter option, etc.
  • No guarantee of data security or integrity is provided in this practice.
  • This method is applicable only while transferring Inbox items.

Until now we have learned about a manual method and the steps of its implementation. We have also discussed here some demerits of the Manual Method which need to be considered before selecting this technique. Thus, I am forwarding here the other easy method to transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail. The easiest and reliable method to migrate Yahoo to Gmail is to use third-party software that is specially designed to perform this task.

Automated Method to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail

DRS Yahoo Backup Tool is an automated software that can convert all your Yahoo emails into various other email clients or in multiple file formats. It is a professional tool that enables users easy and smart transfer process within a minimum time. With the help of this software, users can set the date and times for automatic migration of the emails from the mailbox. In addition, the tool ensures the proper security of your data while migrating your emails. Any user with no previous technical skill can run this software without any hassle. Moreover, the software offers a free demo version and 24*7 tech support to its users. In short, this is a power-packed tool that can meet all the requirements of users while exporting Yahoo mail to Gmail. Let us now check the steps of this smart tool.

Steps to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail with the Automated Tool

  • Launch the DRS Yahoo Backup Tool in your system.
  • Now, select the folders that require migration and go for Next.
  • Here, either select the file format from the given set of options or choose your preferred email client from the list.
  • In the same step, you can choose the options from the additional features if required.
  • After you finish all your selections, then just hit on the Convert button.

The software will start to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail within a few seconds. After the software completes the task users can download the process report from the tool for future reference. And in case you want to repeat the transfer system just hit on the Convert Again option from the tool.


In this write-up, I have highlighted two different mechanisms that can be applied by users to migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail. The Manual Method requires more amount of time and effort as compared to the automated method. Additionally, I have also mentioned some drawbacks of the manual method which a user must be aware of. Hence, I would suggest users the automated approach for a trouble-free and accurate migration process.


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