How to Read & Open PST File on Mac Outlook – 5 Easy Steps

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“I have recently bought a Mac PC and migrated all my files to it. Now, there are some Outlook PST files from my last Windows PC. I was unable to Open PST file on Mac. So, I installed Outlook for Mac, but still, I could not open my Outlook PST file. Is there any way to access my PST file data? It would be a great help to me”

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The above problem is one of the most common issues faced by many users worldwide. If you are a Mac user, you may have encountered the same situation. Although it is a general concern, there is no easy solution to the problem. In this write-up, we will describe the best possible method to resolve the issue. But first, let us understand the key reason behind the problem.

Microsoft designed Outlook for both Windows and Mac Systems. In Windows, Outlook stores all the mailbox data as PST files. It can save and retrieve information from a PST file easily. But, the Outlook PST files are not compatible with other email clients. So, you cannot open them without Outlook.

Outlook for Mac is a special version of Outlook that works only on Mac PC. Its functionality and features are the same as Windows Outlook. In mac, Outlook stores the mailbox data in the OLM file format. As you cannot read PST file on Mac, OLM files are also not compatible with Windows Outlook.

Now, if you transfer your PST files from Windows to Mac System, you will be unable to access them. You need to open PST files on Mac without Outlook PST migration into OLM. So, you must perform a standard technique that will make the PST file into a compatible file format. The following method helps you to open PST in Mac Outlook.

Method to Import/Open PST File on Mac Outlook

Opening PST files on Mac is an issue for every Mac user. However, you can access the data by following the steps below.

  • Launch Outlook in your Mac System.
  • Click on the File button followed by the Import option.
  • Now, choose the Outlook Data File option.

Begin Import

  • After that, press the Right-Arrow icon to proceed further.
  • In the new wizard, select the Outlook for Windows Data option.

choose a file type

  • Click on the Right-Arrow icon at the bottom.
  • Now, select the desired PST from the system and hit the Import button.
  • After successful import, click on the Done button to finish.

The above technique will migrate all your PST file Mac Outlook. So, you can read PST files on Mac. These files have been converted to OLM files now. Therefore, you cannot change them back into PST file format.

In Conclusion

Most users are facing the issue of how to open PST file on Mac system. So, we have brought the easiest solution to the problem. By following the above procedure, anyone can import PST to Mac Mail. Therefore, you can access all your mailbox data.


Q 1: Can Mac OS read PST files?

Ans: No, Mac cannot read PST files even with Outlook. The Mac Outlook supports OLM files that are equivalent to PST files of Windows Outlook. They store the mailbox data of the Outlook.

Q 2: How do I add a PST file to Outlook for Mac?

Ans: You can follow the above steps for adding your Outlook PST files to Mac. Also, if the above procedure is tough to perform, you can choose the PST Converter for Mac. It is the most relevant solution to the problem.

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