Tips & Tricks to Repair Corrupt Access Database Files

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In this technical script, I’ll explain you about the MS Access database, reasons behind Access Database corruption and the possible manual ways to repair corrupt Access Database.

Microsoft Access is one of the most accepted solutions that is used globally in various organizations. It is an advanced application under the Microsoft Suite. Access database files are very essential for the users as these contain the essential information and records. Microsoft Access includes Relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine – RMJDBE with an interactive GUI suitable for businesses and small applications.

It is wise to have a backup database as a precaution in case of corruption. But, some users forget to keep a backup of Access database files. They have to repair the corrupt MS Access Database files i.e. corrupt Access ACCDB or MDB files. You can check out some fixes below if you have a corrupt Access file.

Reasons behind the corruption of Access Database

There are some of the reasons that contribute to the MS Access Database Corruption.

  • If the MS Access database file is virus infected and is opened by someone, the entire database file gets infected.
  • Improper installation of third-party plug-ins or application can also result in Access Database corruption.
  • If one database file is used by multiple users having different Jet Service packs and is installing the updates, a minute difference in MDB file is enough to corrupt the database.
  • Improper shutdown of the system while accessing the database files can cause corruption in the Access database files.
  • Sometimes, some hardware failures like lost network packets or available of a bad sector on hard disk drives can also cause database corruption.
  • Bugs in the MS Access and Jet Engine software.

Avoid Access database file corruption

You must prevent the above-mentioned points to get away from the corruption in the Access files. Ensure that you shut down the system accidentally or very frequently. A regular checkup over the faulty network hardware is required to save the information from being lost.

How to repair corrupt Microsoft Access database file(s)

The reasons that lead to the corruption in Access Database files have been explained above. Also, the measures to avoid such conditions have been briefed. Now, let’s dig out the manual approaches to repair corrupt Access database. Go through these to resolve such corruptions.

Backup and Restore

To use this method, you need to have a complete and up-to-date backup of Access Database files. You can replace the backup copy with the damaged or corrupted one for the restoration of Access files. It is one of the easiest and convenient methods for the recovery of MS Access Database.

Compact and Repair Utility

It is a Microsoft inbuilt utility that comes along with MS Office Suite or the standalone application you have installed such as MS Word, MS Excel etc.

Navigate to the following steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Access application on your system.
  2. Go to the Database Tools tab and hit a click on the Compact and Repair Database option.
  3. Browse the Access database file you want to repair.

MS Access repairs and compacts the database and saves it to the same location where it was stored originally. But, there are certain limitations associated with the inbuilt repair utility. It can fix only the minor corruptions. If the level of database corruption is too high, this utility will disappoint you. In that case, it is recommended to use a professional MS Access Database Recovery Tool.

The Access Database Recovery tool is an advanced solution to repair the Access database files i.e. MDB and ACCDB files. It is having a user-friendly interface so that even a non-technical user can handle it with ease. Using it, users can also recover and restore the encrypted database files. It is strongly compatible with all the versions of MS Access.

Wrap Up

In the blog, all the necessary information and the ways to prevent the database corruption have been explained. It is up to the user whether he wants to use manual solutions or wants to go with professional MS Access Recovery Tool. The manual approach is quite tedious and complex. So, if someone is technically sound enough, he can go with manual methods in order to repair corrupt Access Database. But, if not, it is recommended to employ the automated method of using an Access recovery tool.


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