How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Gmail

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Syncing between these two email clients is becoming a trend. The important features provided by Gmail attract users to switch from the last one to it. If you don’t know how to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Gmail, then don’t worry. We are here to resolve your query.

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In this era, iCloud and Gmail are the most used email clients. Users prefer to use Gmail accounts because Gmail provides 15 GB of free storage to its users, and being part of Google, it’s safe to use. The Gmail email server automatically filters your account from spam and malware. iCloud was introduced and developed by Apple, and you can easily log in to iCloud on your iPad, iPhone, etc. iCloud provides 5GB of free storage to its users, and for more, you need to take a subscription to iCloud+. After getting information about these two email clients takes another step toward the reason to forward iCloud contacts to Gmail.

Possible Reasons to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Gmail

There are numerous reasons to move contacts from iCloud to Gmail. But we listed some of them below;

  • Gmail provides 15 GB of data storage. On the other hand, iCloud offers only 5GB. For more, you need to take iCloud+.
  • Gmail is easy to use on any device.

Therefore, after knowing so many reasons to export contacts from iCloud to Gmail. Let’s move ahead with the manual method.

Manual Methods to forwarding iCloud Contacts to Gmail

Therefore, in the next section, we will explain two manual methods. By performing these methods, you can easily migrate your data from iCloud to Gmail. So, let’s start with the first one.

#Step 1:

  • First, launch your Gmail account with the required credentials.
  • Click on the right upper situated gear icon option, then press the See all Settings option.
  • Now, select the Account and import option.
  • Then, click on the Import mail and contacts option.

import export option

  • Furthermore, sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Now, enter your iCloud IMAP setting and hit the Next button.
  • Finally, choose the Import mail option from the dropdown.
  • Hit the Start import button for the final result.

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#Step 2:

  • Sign in to your iCloud account with your username and password.
  • Then, press the Contacts option and select the contact you want to backup in Gmail.

press the Contacts option

  • After that, from the left below situated setting option select the Export vCard option.

select the Export Vcard option

click the Import contacts option.

  • Press the Select file button and select the contact file.

● Press the Select file button

  • At last, hit the Import button.

click on import

Challenges You May Encounter While Transferring Contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts

When you migrate data from iCloud to Gmail manually, you may encounter some issues like data corruption, and data loss, and this process takes a lot of time. Also, users need technical knowledge to perform this task manually. So, in the next section, we will introduce a professional approach to moving data between these two accounts.

Expert’s Solution to Move iCloud Contacts to Gmail Account

DRS iCloud Backup Tool is a utility that forwards iCloud contacts to Gmail. This tool is effective and easy-to-operate. Furthermore, this utility helps to migrate your data like contacts, drafts, inbox, archives, etc., into different email clients Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc. This tool supports various file formats such as PST, OST, MBOX, EML, MSG, HTML, PDF, etc. The software maintains your folder hierarchy and is a widely compatible tool.

The Bottom Line

In this post, we have discussed every possible solution to your query: how to transfer contacts from iCloud to Gmail? By performing these methods, you will resolve your issue. But manual methods have some limitations like you may lose your important data or your file gets corrupted. And this process is time-consuming. For a better experience we prefer you to opt for our DRS iCloud backup tool. This tool is easy to perform, and you will complete the process in less time. Thank you for reading this post.

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