‘Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied’ Error [Resolved]

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Summary: Many times when we connect an external drive to a Windows 7, Vista, XP, or to a 2000 Pro computer, sometimes we do see “Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied” error while we try to open the folder or a drive. In this blog, we will explain “why this error occurs and what is the best way to fix such error in Windows 10 and how to get all your data back?”

“Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied ” is said to be one of the most commonly found error messages that a user see while accessing the external hard drive or hard drive in Windows 10/8/7. The given error basically makes your data inaccessible and you can’t read or change a file or folder in it. Although don’t worry after reading this blog, you’ll learn why will this error happens and how to fix it.

The following error primarily indicates that your hard drive is having some issues connecting with your system, when this happens you receive a message that your hard drive is inaccessible. However, in very worst case it would lead to data loss.

Possible reasons for getting ‘Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied’ error

The error occurs mainly because of four reasons. However, this error can occur in any editions of Windows OS like win 7, win 8, win 10, Vista or XP etc.

Now let’s see some of the prominent situations and understand them in details.

Situation 1: – If the file is encrypted.

Situation 2: – If you do not have the proper authorization.

Situation 3: – If the folder ownership has changed.

Situation 4: – error also occurs when you installed a new version of windows.

How to fix ‘Access Denied Error’

The error message shows that the external hard drive of your system has gone corrupt. Hence, to get over from the situation, you can follow any of the two solutions mentioned below: Manual and Automatic.

In order to fix Access Denied folder or file error, you need to follow the below mention methods separately until the issue is resolved.

Manual Methods for Windows 10

If you are using the Windows 10 then you have to follow the steps given below in order to access your inaccessible drive:

  • Right-click on the inaccessible drive.
  • Then go to the ‘Properties’ segment.
  • Choose the ‘Security option’ and tick on the ‘Edit’ key.
  • The “Authorizations for New Volume (E:)” window box will appear, Then press on ‘Add’ button to continue.
  • Add the name of a new user and click OK on ‘Authenticated User’.
  • From the authorization section, give ‘full access permission’ to the newly added user and then click ‘OK’.
  • After this a new dialogue box will appear with two options: ‘Continue’ or ‘Cancel’.
  • Then click on Continue… and Click on end tab when it finishes the task.



Automatic method to resolve above stated error

If you are accessing the Windows 10 after using the above manual method, you might feel that it is not going to resolve your issue then there is professional tool Windows Data Recovery software by which you can successfully resolve Inaccessible hard drives – Access is denied Error in a convenient way.


This blog focuses on one of the most common errors of windows where external hard drive is not accessible, due to which the user is not permitted to access the file. Further, this blog also suggests some of the best manual and automatic approach by which you can resolve the issue.



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