How to Fix Error Code 0x80070005 – Access Denied Error

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Summary: – In this blog, we will cover a most frequently asked query; how to fix error code 0x80070005 – Access Denied Error. It’s a very irritating pop-up message that comes up when a user is installing a Windows Update or during MS Office activation. So, read this blog to overcome this problem.

You may have a decent computer or laptop. Now, if you are also facing 0x80070005 access denied problems while exercising your Windows Update or installing MS Office, you must not take this lightly, as they may corrupt the functions of your system.

What Does the Error Code 0x80070005 Mean?

An error code: 0x80070005 appears on the computer screen while importing a new window or during the Windows Update on a computer. This error also blocks the activation process of the MS Office.

What Causes Error Code 0x80070005?

  • If your system is slow, then there’s a great chance that you may encounter this error code while performing some tasks.
  • The error can also occur if your system has a virus. The virus disturbs the software and computer windows greatly. As a result, the computer starts giving up and ends up crashing.
  • Sometimes some systems don’t accept applications and software. Those unaccepted programs also cause Outlook error 0x80070005.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070005 in Windows Update?

The error comes to every computer in some way or another. You can also get the error even if you have a decent operating system. You must know how to fix the error. There’s a greater chance that you may find an error while updating your windows. By these steps, you can also solve the Windows 10 error code 0x80070005.

Let’s Follow the Steps:

  • Create a backup – Before you do anything related to this. The first thing you should look for is to protect all of your files and folders. We recommend this so you don’t lose your vital data.
  • Check for the space to update the window – Updating the window is a big task. Windows update takes a lot of space. So, before you start to process this task, see that you have sufficient space for the updating process.
  • Using in-built trouble-shooters to update windows – During the updating process, windows give you an in-build trouble-shooter option. This feature tracks the error very easily and solves it in a quick time.
  • Now go to system file checker – Windows System File checker is an application of windows that allows users to scan and maintain the corrupted files. Removing all the unwanted files will smooth the updating process.
  • Remove unwanted files – It’s vital to run a system file checker. This function scans out of all the damaging files in front of the users. Now you can remove all these files.

After this, restart your computer and then try to install all the downloaded updates. If there’s still any difficulty or error code 80070005 access is denied, you have to go for the manual method to install the updates.

Manual Method to Resolve 0x80070005 Error

When nothing works out, go for the manual method. It is a very traditional way to solve computer issues. This process might take some time but will stand on your acceptance firmly. Here, we will update the window with the help of the Windows Update Catalogue.

  • First click on the Start button.
  • Go to Settings and tap on it.
  • A Setting box will emerge on the screen.
  • Now go for the Update & Security.
  • Move your cursor to “View update history” and click on it.
  • Then wrote down the Windows Update Version.
  • Soon, move to Windows Update Catalogue.
  • Then, click on the search bar and type your Windows update version code.
  • Next, hit the search button.
  • In the Windows Update Catalogue, you will see a Download Option and click on it.
  • Then, open the link and install the update on your system.
  • Finally, reboot your computer.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070005 access is denied during MS Office Activation?

MS Office is a very reliable program that people use for official work. It includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and some more software.

Error code: 0x80070005 doesn’t only hang around while installing the windows update but also during the MS Office activation. This error affects not only the Word application but also affects Outlook as Outlook error code 80070005 and also some other members of the Office family.

You can fix the Outlook error 80070005 using a couple of methods.

Method 1 – Solution 1: Run/ Active Office as Administrator

  • Make run your MS Office Application.
  • Do right-click on it and then choose the Run as Administrator option.
  • After this, the MS Office will be activated to run as administrator.

Method 2 –  Resolve MS Office Errors

  • Launch control panel.
  • Select programs.
  • Click on Programs and features.
  • Then click MS Office and click the change tab.
  • After this, choose Quick Repair and click on Repair.
  • Now if still, you don’t get a solution then uninstall the MS Office software and then reinstall it.

You can also use this method for solving error code 0x80070005.

Updating Windows is not an easy thing to do. It requires technical knowledge and also a good understanding of the step-by-step process.

Whether you go for a manual method or any other method, it always requires strict attention towards the whole process.

Updating windows is always challenging but don’t worry, for we have launched the best utility for doing this task without any error. This tool will help you to recover all of your data decently.

Professional Approach to Recover Lost Data Due to Error

DRS Window Data Recovery will be helpful if you lose some of your data files while installing a downloaded Windows Update. The installation process works on a smooth lane. Though sometimes it shows a very negative effect. Windows update error 80070005 could come and delete some of your system data. Therefore, go for this DRS Window Data Recovery Tool.

Final Words

We dealt with error code 0x80070005 throughout this blog. We informed you why this kind of error comes and how negatively it affects the functions of our computer, and how it can damage our local data while installing Windows Update. Therefore, reading the last part of this blog is crucial as it outlines a perfect description of the solution. Along with this tool, you can also enjoy the PST recovery tool as it also plays a vital role in maintaining and saving your various forms of data.

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