Microsoft Is Ready to Launch Its Windows Server 2019

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Microsoft is coming up with its all new variant which is now very much in focus by users and that is “Microsoft Server 2019”. It is power packed with both the Desktop Experience and Server Core in all 18 server languages. Not only is this it totally a delightful treat for Microsoft users as it is built with multiple amazing and unexpected features.
Today, in this blog, I am going to share the detailed information about the Windows Server 2019 which will give a slight idea what all you will get in this!

Certainly, if you have any doubt about its new up-gradation then there is an option where you can review its preview and report back if you face any challenges.

Basically, there are two major areas which you should try out in its release for each preview such as:

  • In-place OS upgrade – Check it from older versions and relate.
  • Application Compatibility– If you find anything which should be changed or modify can suggest.

What’s new in the latest Windows server 2019

Window Server 2019 is mainly built according to the customer adoption hence its features, and services are totally based on the strong foundation of Windows server 2016. We all are aware that windows server 2016 is comparatively faster server among rest.

So spending quality time with customers it is closely and deeply understood the future challenges and industry ongoing factors. Mainly four scenarios were focused such as Hybrid, security, Application platform and Hyper-converged infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

We all know that the move toward the cloud is a journey and to be often a hybrid approach. This combines a working together experience for users of On-premises and cloud environments. As of now, users have already started extending active directory, synchronizing file server as well as data backup just to spread their (users) data centers to the public cloud.

Besides, a hybrid approach also lets users run their applications on-premises so that they could take advantages of new innovations in the cloud such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT. Hybrid cloud is the best feature in Window server 2019 as it sounds so strong when we say a future-proof and long-term approach. Which is exactly it plays a central and main role in cloud strategies for the foreseeable future.

With the release of Windows Server 2019, users could easily integrate Azure services that enable to do a backup of data, file synchronizing, disaster recovery and much more which is still unrevealed. Hence user will be able to leverage these services without disrupting their applications and also its infrastructure.



Security is the very first thing which is mandatory for every user. We all are aware of the number of cyber crimes that are increasing day by day. Hence to overcome this issue Microsoft has improved their services in terms of features that bring together the learning from running global-scale datacenters for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and several other online services.

It gives three-fold security approach like – Protect, Detect and Respond. Microsoft Server 2019 is bringing security features in all these mentioned three areas in Windows Server 2019.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is embedded on the detect and respond front. This will provide preventative protection, can easily detect attacks and zero-day exploits among other capabilities in an OS. This will help users to access the deep kernel and memory sensors, Improving performance and anti-tampering and enabling on server machines.

home window

Application Platform

Windows Server Containers and Windows Subsystem on Linux (WSL) are the two main features for the community enhancement of developers. Microsoft continuing to improve the available choices to progress Windows server deployments such as storage, networking components and much more.


Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Presently, HCI is on demand trend in the server industry. Basically, it enables users to utilize x86 servers with the high-performance rate in the local disks which execute their compute and storage requirement at the same time. Adding more to this HCI gives the flexibility by which it easily scales such as deployment.

Wrapping Up

There could be features in Windows Server 2019 which is not mentioned here. Although I have tried to cover each and single detail of upcoming Windows server 2019. Hence I will request you all to comment if you get to know something new about Window server 2019.

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