How to Remove Password from PST file Manually?

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Many users store their confidential data on MS Outlook. But let me tell you a fact that MS Outlook uses PST file format. In order to make the file more secured some users protect it by setting up a complex password but sometimes ironically they forget it. So I am going to tell you the various methods through which you can remove password from PST file.

This is the right time to tell you the various solutions because nowadays most of the users are using a password to protect their PST files and it is possible that due to the frequent misspelling of password the PST file gets corrupted.

So before making the random attempts to unlock PST file try the solutions which I am going to tell you. Don’t worry no damage would be caused by these methods and I know there might be some questions triggering in your mind that will I be able to access my PST file or not?

Don’t panic here are the solutions.

Hassle-Free Solution

Download Free PST Password Remover to swiftly recover, remove, and set new passwords without any hassle.

Methods to Open Password Protected PST File

There are two manual methods which are quite lengthy and the third one is a shortcut to remove password from secured PST File.

Remove PST Password via Outlook 2010

  • Launch MS Outlook on your computer system.
  • Under File Tab Click on Info and then on Account Settings.

  • Account Setting Window Will Appear.
  • Click on Data Files and Choose the path of the PST file. Then Click on Settings.

  • Outlook Data File window will be opened. Click on Change Password.

Now you just have to enter the new password and after that, you will be able to unlock the password protected PST file. You can view the emails, contacts, attachments, calendars and other items present on the file.

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Remove Password from PST file Using pst19upg.exe

The pst19upg.exe is a Microsoft free utility which can be used to break PST file password. You can download it from the web and start the password recovery process.

  • Close MS Outlook on your system.
  • Locate the scanpst.exe location on your system i.e. C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\scanpst.exe
  • Open it and Click on Repair.

Note*- Before Starting this Process create a backup of that PST file.

  • Now Open CMD Prompt or press window key + R.
  • Browse the Path of the PST file in CMD Prompt.
  • A new PST file will be created with the name psx, xyz represents your PST file name.
  • Rename the new PST as the Old PST.
  • Type exe-newfilename.psx in Command Prompt and Press Enter.

Once the whole process completes the PST password will be removed from the PST file. Now run scanpst.exe and repair the newly created PST file. Check whether the file is safe by running it into MS Outlook.

Disadvantages of Using pst19upg.exe

The major drawback of this utility is that it can only be used on MS Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. If the user is having Outlook 2003 and later versions then he cannot remove password from PST file by using this utility. This technique is only applicable on ANSI code of PST format and not on Unicode format.

So the question arises what should you do now to unlock a PST file. Now I will tell you the most effective way to delete passcode from Outlook PST file.

PST Password Recovery Tool

The PST Password Recovery is an effective software which can remove any kind of password from the PST file. Sometimes the password is complex setup with alphanumeric combinations this tool can remove them as well. You just have to upload the PST file and click on recover in order to recover the password.

If you are having an ANSI format file then don’t worry because this software is compatible with both the ANSI and Unicode PST file format.

Download Password Recovery Software


Now it is the time to conclude my article because I have told you the various ways through which you can unlock a PST file. The manual methods are quite lengthy so if you want a shortcut to remove password from PST file then you can directly download the software. The call is yours so take your decision according to your convenience.

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