Most Common Windows Live Mail Errors and How to Fix Them?

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Windows Live Mail is an email client. This can be used for both internal and external communication. This helps to support all the web-based email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Also, you can automatically synchronize with the window live contact and provide a multi-line message list. What are Windows Live Mail Errors?

When your Window Live Mail displays an error 3219 on your screen. Then it means live mails are not able to connect with Hotmail/Outlook or MSN servers to retrieve your emails.

There are different types of Windows Live mail Errors due to which users face a lot of problems when they are using the Windows mail server. Some of the errors and their solution are mentioned below.

Different Types of Windows Live Mail Errors and Solutions

1.   Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

This error does not allow you to connect with the Hotmail/Outlook or MSN server to retrieve your mails. Also, this problem is related to the 2 sorts of authentications that are using the same credentials at the same time. As one credential is used for the mail server and the other is used for the sign-in purpose. This is one of the errors from windows live mail errors.

Solution for the Above Error

You can fix this problem by re-configuring your mail server with Windows live mail. You can refer to the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, you have to open Windows Live Mail and then go to Accounts.
  • Now, click on the + icon with @
  • After that, you have to fix the correct Username and Password.
  • Now, select the Server type.
  • You can now type the Server address and Port number in the server address option.
  • By this, you can tick the Secure Connection SSL
  • After that, you have to write the server address under the Outgoing Server Information section and then write the Port number in the port type field.
  • Tick on Secure Connection SSL and Require Authentication.
  • At last, click Next.

Windows live mail errors 3219 can be resolved and your account will be added to the left panel of Window Live Mail.

2. Window Live Mail Errors 0x8007007A While Sending Emails

Windows 10 mail app displays 0x8007007A error. This means that you cannot send your emails using the application. 0x8007007A error is caused when you send any media attachment from OneDrive. By using Skydrive, you can send emails with attachments such as images, albums, etc.

After the new update in one drive, you cannot send your emails with attachments. Due to which your email will be stuck in your Outbox.

For the solution to this Window Live Mail Error, you can refer to the below-mentioned steps.

Solution for the Above Error

  • First, you have to Delete the message that is causing this 0x8007007A error.
  • After this, you can send another message.
  • Now, you have to Remove and configure your Window Live Mail Account.
  • You can send images as an attached file.
  • At last, uncheck create a photo from photo attachments.

3. Live Mail Authentication Error 0x800CCC0B

Some of the email service providers do not need authentications for outgoing mails. But WLM needs separate authentication for outgoing emails too. When Windows Live Mail error 0x800CCC0B is displayed, then it means that your email service provider needs authentication for outgoing emails.

Also, you can enable the authentication manually in WLM.

Solution for the Above Error

  • First, you have to open Windows Live Mail and then go to Accounts.
  • Now, press the Email Account on which you are receiving the authentication error.
  • Click on properties.
  • After this, click on the Server tab and then check the checkbox My server requires Authentication under the outgoing mail server section.
  • Click

By this, you can enable incoming and outgoing email authentication. Also, you won’t face the error again.

The username and password are generally used by the email service provider for outgoing mails to authenticate mails. If it doesn’t take place, then you have to follow the below steps.

  • First, click the Setting
  • By this, you will see the Outgoing Email Server properties section.
  • After this check the Log on using option and then provide the Account name and Password for outgoing mails.
  • Click ok.

Once you configure your outgoing emails. You can send other emails to check whether the error is still there or not.

4. Windows Live Mail facing Problem in Windows 10

When windows 7 stopped supporting, then many of the users switched to windows 10. Some of the users are still using WLM on Windows 10. Many of the users complained as they were unable to access their Live Mail Account.

This was caused as Microsoft does not want its users to use WLM anymore. Now, you can import your Live Mail emails to Outlook or Microsoft Office 365.

Solution for the Above Error

  • First, you have to run Window Live Mail as an administrator in compatibility mode.
  • Now, Reconfigure the Window Mail account.
  • You can now remove the existing WLM account and then create a new one.
  • After this, Reinstall windows essential 2012 on your window.
  • At last, you can run Windows Live Mail on Windows 10.

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5. Error 0x800ccc0f Windows Live Mail

Most of the time, live mail 0x800ccc0f  is caused by an incorrect SSL for SMTP settings. Also, a firewall or antivirus can block a port that is used by the email client. This is generally caused by using a third-party antivirus firewall or suites.

The Windows built-in firewall is configured to allow the port through it. If not then you can configure it manually to block it.

Solution for the Above Error

  • First, you have to change the port.
  • Now, Temporarily disable your third-party antivirus solution.
  • Scan your PC(you can use window defenders for the scanning process).
  • After this, you can Uninstall and then Reinstall Windows Live Mail.
  • You can now Troubleshoot your Network problem.
  • At last, reinstall your network Adapter Driver.

6. Error 0x800ccc0e Windows Live Mail

When the application is unable to connect to a mail server then it leads to 0x800ccc0e windows live mail error. Also, your mail server is responsible for storing, sending, and retrieving your email messages.

If you are not sure about your email provider’s SMTP server location, contact your email provider.

Solution for the Above Error

Remove and then Re-add the Account

  • First, you have to Launch the Window Live Mail.
  • Then Right-click on your email account.
  • Now, select the Remove Account
  • After this, click Yes in the confirmation window.
  • Now, you have to close the Mail app.
  • Restart your computer.
  • After your system is opened again. Now, open Window Live Mail.
  • Again add your email account.
  • At last, after completing the email account setup and then check whether the 0x800ccc0e windows live mail error has been withdrawn or not.

These are the Window Live Mail Errors and their possible solution to fix the error.

7. End of Support for Windows Live Mail

If a user is using the Windows Live Mail program, then must keep in mind that Microsoft has ended the support for WLM from June 30, 2016. WLM does not support Windows 10 and also the latest versions. So, the user should avoid using WLM.

Solution for the Above Error

Users are facing problems when they are using WLM on windows. There is no such solution available to this problem. You can continue working on the Window Live Mail until it stops working or you can move to another mail client like Outlook. EML to PST conversion cannot be done using the manual methods. For such a process, you can refer to the third-party solution for easy conversion of EML to PST.

EML File Converter

The free EML TO PST converter helps users to convert the EML file into PST file format. By using the expert solution, you can convert the EML file into different file formats such as PDF, MSG, HTML, TXT, MBOX, etc. This helps you to directly export files to Yahoo, Gmail, IMAP, and Hotmail, etc. EML file converter helps you to convert multiple EML files in a single go and can export all EML files with attachments.


I have come up with the conclusion for the most common Windows Live Mail Errors and how to fix them. This is generally caused due to various errors such as  0x800ccc0f, 0x800ccc0e, 0x8007007A While Sending Emails,  0x800CCC0d for authentication, Error 3219 (0x8DE00005), End of support for Window Live Mail, Window Live not working in Windows 10. Also, I have provided step by step solutions to solve the problems caused by these errors. I have also mentioned the expert solution i.e Free Email to PST converter. Also discussed various features about the EML to PST Converter Online.

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