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Remove, Set Password in Outlook PST Files Using an Exclusive PST Password Removal

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Download Free Live Demo: The demo version of the software allows you to unlock max 100MB PST File.

DRS PST Password Remover Tool is a simple and effective software for removing encryption from a protected PST file. Apart from disabling passwords, the tool allows you to add a password to an unprotected PST file. The software has an interactive user interface and decrypts the file in a few easy steps. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for every user.

  • Effectively removes password protection from an encrypted PST file.
  • Enable password protection on an unprotected Outlook PST.
  • Supports both ANSI and UNICODE encoding for PST decryption.
  • Add multiple files at once to save the time and effort of the user.
  • Maintains the file integrity while removing PST password protection.
  • Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

When to Use the DRS PST Password Remover Software

To Unlock a Password Protected PST file

DRS PST Password Remover software disables the security parameters from the Outlook PST file without damaging the file content. The tool can remove the encryption of both ANSI and UNICODE encoding.

To Decrypt Multiple PST files at once

The best Outlook PST password remover provides you the multiple file selection feature. You can remove password protection from various Outlook PST files at once. This option saves your time and effort as you need not select one file at a time.

To enable password protection on Outlook PST files

Additionally, you can also add password protection on an unsecured PST file using the DRS PST Password Remover Software. Hence, it is a single utility that can decrypt and encrypt Outlook PST files.

Prominent Features of the PST Password Remover Tool

The PST Password Remover software is an effective way for Outlook password recovery from a protected PST file. As there is no standard approach to unlock a locked PST file, the best solution is to use a third-party tool. It is the most efficient approach in removing password protection from a file. Apart from decrypting, the utility can also add a password to an unprotected PST file.

Efficient PST Password Removal

Efficient PST Password Removal

DRS PST Password Remover Tool is an efficient utility to restore PST passwords from PST files. The tool decrypts an encrypted file in a few simple steps. Anyone with or without technical expertise can efficiently use the software.

Protect PST with Password

Protect PST with Password

PST Password Recovery tool is a versatile software as it provides you a feature to add password protection to an unlocked PST file. You can use the same software for both decryption and encryption of a PST file without damaging the original file content.

Support Both ANSI and UNICODE

Support Both ANSI and UNICODE

This tool is an advanced software for PST Password remover online. It can remove both ANSI and UNICODE encryption. The same characteristic is applicable while enabling password protection on PST files. Among these two, UNICODE is the advanced encoding.

Multiple File Selection Feature

Multiple File Selection Feature

The best Outlook Password Recovery software provides you an option to add multiple PST files at once to crack PST password. So, you can easily remove passwords from all your files at once. This feature is beneficial for users as you need not add one PST file at a time.

Safe and Reliable Password Remover

Safe and Reliable Password Remover

Apart from all these features, the PST Password Remover software is a safe and reliable tool. It does not damage the file content while removing password protection. It maintains the data integrity while removing or adding password protection to the file.

Compatible with Windows OS

Compatible with Windows OS

The software is designed to restore PST password efficiently on all versions of Windows operating systems. Therefore, you can install and run the tool whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 10. It is a widely compatible tool for the Windows platform.

DRS Outlook PST Password Recovery - Working Screenshots

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DRS PST Password Remover Tool Free Download

A Highly Recommended Tool for Decrypting Your Outlook PST Files

Software Download

Outlook PST password recovery tool free download to remove encryption from your Outlook PST file.

Size: 71.5 MB   Version: 23.5

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The demo version of DRS PST Password Remover Tool provides you all the features of the premium version. However, using demo version, you can only unlock 100MB PST file. You have to purchase the full version of the software to unlock large sized Outlook file.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Queries that are commonly asked regarding the DRS PST Password Removal

Ans: You can unlock a protected PST file by following the steps below:
  • Launch DRS PST Password Remover Software.
  • Click on the Select Files button to add the PST file.
  • Now, choose the desired PST file from file explorer and press Open.
  • At last, click on the Remove Password button to disable the password.

Ans: PST Password Remover is the best option to remove passwords from Outlook PST files without the Outlook application. You can decrypt any locked PST file in a few steps.

Ans: When you enable password protection on a particular PST file, Outlook will ask for a password for accessing that file. You cannot open the file without the required password. However, you can remove passwords from PST files using the DRS PST Password Remover Tool.

Ans: There are standard approaches to remove PST passwords in the MS Outlook application. These methods are suitable for advanced users as they are complicated, time-consuming, and risky. The ideal solution for password removal from PST files is the DRS PST Password Remover Tool.

Ans: As you add password protection to the PST file, Outlook stores the password in the system at a particular location. The path of the stored password varies as per the version of Outlook.

Ans: There is no manual technique available for PST password removal. So, if you have forgotten your PST password, you can use the DRS PST Password Remover tool. It helps you in disabling password protection and enabling new passwords to the file.

Ans: No, you can only unlock limited PST file data using the free version. Therefore, you need to purchase the full version of the PST password recovery tool free for unlocking complete data.

Ans: DRS Softech products are widely supportable tools. You can install and run the software on any version of your Windows Operating System.

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Comparison between DRS PST Password Remover Free Version and Full Version
Software Features Free Version Full Version
Removes password protection from a locked PST file Unlock File upto 100MB No file size limitations
Enable security parameters on an unlocked PST file Unlock File upto 100MB No file size limitations
Support both ANSI and UNICODE encoding
Multiple file selection feature to add various PST files
Safe and reliable tool that does damage the file
Compatible with all versions of Windows OS and support every Outlook version
24*7 technical support
Price Free $24
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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