Repair Excel File – Corrupted Excel File Recovery Solution

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repair Excel fileThink you have stored your information in Excel sheets. They’re working fine. One day, you find the files are inaccessible due to corruption. You have no backup for the files. All you can do is repair Excel file by using anything, be it Open and Repair or a professional Excel Repair tool. Through this blog post, I’ll show you how to fix corrupt Excel file by using Open and Repair. If it fails, then you should try a Excel Recovery tool.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool which is highly capable to store, organize and manipulate the numerical data in a grid form of columns and rows. It enables users to keep the record of each and every detail in a well-organized way. It has different mathematical formulas to perform small as well as large mathematical calculations. It also enables users to create graphical presentation of their data using its built-in features.

Though this is highly resourceful application, however not immune to corruption. The spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel are prone to corruption. Corruption in Excel files may lead to data inaccessibility or permanent data loss. There are various reasons of corruption in Excel files. But luckily, Microsoft provides a built-in repair feature in its Office components, including MS Excel. The Open and Repair feature is highly recommended in case of file corruption in MS Office components which include Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Follow the steps shown below to Open and Repair Excel file: 

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Excel on your system. But don’t open the file.
repair Excel file

Step 2: Click File tab on top > click Open in the list.
repair Excel file

Or you may simply press Ctrl + O.

Step 3: Now locate the Excel spreadsheet, but do not open it.
repair Excel file

Click the file once to select it. Now click the drop-down arrow next to Open.

Step 4: Click Open and Repair to repair the selected Excel spreadsheet.
repair Excel file

Unluckily, the trick might now work if your Excel spreadsheets are severely corrupted. This built-in repair feature can only fix corruption if it’s minor. To fix severe corruption, you need to opt a third-party recovery tool that can fix corrupt Excel file and recover your maximum possible data from it. You can try advanced Excel Recovery tool of Data Recovery Solutions to repair Excel file.

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