Repair Word Document – Word Open and Repair Trick

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repair word documentIf you’re facing Word file corruption, you’ve come to the right place. Word documents are prone to corruption due to numerous reasons. Luckily Microsoft provides you a built-in Open and Repair feature to repair Word document. Also, you can try a professional Word repair or recovery tool to repair Word document and to recover data from  it. But first you must try Open and Repair to fix corrupt Word files. 

Microsoft Word is a popular graphical Word processor program for desktop users. It is a part of a well-known Office suite, known as Microsoft Office, and can be purchased as a stand-alone application as well. Word program is primarily designed for creating digital documents and saving them on a local computer. Be it a student or a professional, MS Word has become a very useful tool for day-to-day purposes.

Unluckily, the documents created by Microsoft Word program are not immune to corruption. File corruption may cause data inaccessibility, or you may lose your crucial data forever. Whenever a Word document gets corrupted, you start wondering the reasons for corruption and how to fix corrupt Word file now. Microsoft provides a built-in repair feature with its components. Like for other Office components, Open and Repair feature is also available for Microsoft Word.

Follow the steps shown below to Open and Repair Word document: 

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word on your system. But do not open the file.
Word Open and Repair

Step 2: Click File tab on top > click Open in the list.
Word Open and Repair

Or you may simply press Ctrl + O.

Step 3: Now locate the Word document, but do not open it.
Word Open and Repair

Click the file once to select it. Now click the drop-down arrow next to Open.

Step 4: Click Open and Repair to repair the selected Word document.

Word Open and Repair

This is the easiest way to fix corrupt Word document. But the trick may fail if the file corruption is severe. Therefore, a third-party recovery tool should be considered in such situation. Data Recovery Solutions provides smart Word recovery tools for recovering data from corrupt Word documents. Try advanced DOC Recovery and DOCX Recovery tool for corrupt DOC and corrupt DOCX files of Microsoft Word.

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