Tips to Fix Body of Email Not Showing in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

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Summary: In this blog, you will learn how to fix the body of email not showing in Outlook issue. There are some DIY methods to resolve the problem, but they are complicated for beginners. So, the ideal solution is DRS PST Recovery Software.


MS Outlook developed by Microsoft is one of the best desktop-based email clients. It helps you manage multiple email accounts in one place. Along with that, it is equipped with various advanced features to help users.

Despite being one of the updated email clients, Outlook still shows some error messages. One such Outlook error is that the email message body is blank. When the problem occurs, you are unable to see the content of the email.

Let us see what the prominent reasons for the issue are.

Why Do My Emails Disappear When I Forward Them?

When the body of email message are missing, it may be because of the following reasons.

  • Incorrect Font Settings- The body of email not showing in Outlook problem also occurs when the font settings are not set to the correct value. If this is the case, you can easily resolve the issue by simply making suitable changes in settings.
  • Faulty Add-ins- If incoming emails are blank when opened, it might be because of Faulty add-ins. These create conflict in the proper functioning of Outlook. So, it is better to disable them when you are facing problems because of them.

These are the prime reasons for the issue. After knowing why, the body of email disappears in Outlook, it is time to learn how to fix the problem.

How to Resolve the Body of Email Not Showing in Outlook Issue?

What to do when the body of email messages are missing? And you can’t view email content in Outlook? You can resolve the problem by two methods. The first solution is by disabling the faulty add-ins. And the other solution is by changing the Font settings. Let us see what to do when Outlook not showing body of email.

#1. Disable Faulty Add-ins

  • Open the MS Outlook application and click on the File
  • Now, choose the Options tab from the left pane. It will open the Options Wizard.

disable faulty addin to fix body of email not showing in outlook

  • Click on the Add-ins tab and scroll down to the page.

Click on Add-ins

  • Now, click on the Go button from the Manage field.

manage and click on Go

  • After that, unselect all the unnecessary add-ins one by one. Click on the OK button.

com addins

  • Close the application. Restart it and check if the problem still exists.

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#2. Adjust Font Settings

  • Launch Outlook in your system and click on the File
  • After that, select the Option It will open the Outlook option wizard.
  • Now, choose the Mail option and click on the Stationery and Fonts button in the Compose Message section.

stationary and fonts

  • In the Composing and reading plain text messages section, click on the Font button.

click on Font

  • After that, in the new wizard, expand the Font color field and choose the Automatic option.

click on Automatic to fix Body of Email Disappears in Outlook Error

  • At last, click on the OK button to save the changes.

The above techniques will help you fix the body of email not showing in Outlook error. However, if the problem occurs due to a corrupt Outlook data file, the only solution is to repair the damaged Outlook file. Now, you can recover the file by various approaches, but the best solution is the professional tool.

Professional Solution to Resolve Body of Email Disappears in Outlook Error

DRS PST Recovery Tool is the most reliable solution to repair Outlook data files subjected to any level of corruption. It restores data from damaged PST files and fixes the Outlook not displaying email content issues that arise because of PST corruption. It provides multiple advanced features and an interactive user interface. So, it is the most appropriate solution for both users, beginners and advanced.


At last, we have concluded that you can resolve the problem of the body of email not showing in Outlook by both manual and automated approaches. If the issue arises because of a corrupt PST file, DRS PST Recovery Tool is the most suitable option for every user.

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