How to View & Open MDF File Without SQL Server – 2 Minutes DIY

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Summary: Are you searching for ‘How to view or open MDF file without SQL Server installation? You have reached the right place. Here, we will provide you with the best way to read and view and open MDF database files easily. Along with that, we will discuss some of the most common reasons for SQL Database file corruption. So, read the article till the end.

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A Basic Overview about SQL Database File

MDF Files (Master Data File) is the main data file of SQL Server which is also known as log files that helps you manage your Database. It contains various objects like columns, tables, indexes, properties, etc. All this information is stored in MDF files.

There is another file which has significant importance in restoring your lost data. LDF files are the log transaction files that have records of every transaction and modification made in the database. When you want to recover your data you need this file to maintain the structure and hierarchy of the file content.

Sometimes, these data files get damaged and you become unable to open .mdf file online. Now, here is a question, “Why do MDF files get corrupted”?

What Leads to MDF File Corruption?

MDF file corruption means data loss. You will become unable to access the database information. But, the main concern is, what causes MDF file corruption? There are numerous reasons that damage your database files.

#1. Hard Disk Crash

If the hard disk of your system gets crashed, all the data saved in it will be damaged automatically. You become unable to access the file. So, hard disk failure is a prominent reason for MDF file corruption.

#2. Viruses and Malware Attacks

Another most common reason for MDF file corruption is Virus attack and malicious activities. It infects the data in your system including the database files. Thus, you become unable to access the file content.

#3. Sudden Shutdown

When you are working on SQL server and subjected to sudden power loss. It most probably causes MDF file corruption. Which further makes you unable to open MDF files.

#4. Unintentional file deletion

It may be possible that you delete some important files related to the SQL database accidentally. It makes the main database inaccessible for you.

These are the most significant causes of SQL Database file corruption. Now, as you know, for opening MDF files, you need to repair them first. You cannot access damaged MDF files. So, we provide you with the best answer for how to view MDF file.

Best Solution to View or Open MDF File or MDF Database Files

If you are unable to view or open MDF file without SQL Server installation, simply download DRS SQL Database Recovery Tool. It is the most effective tool to repair the damaged MDF file so that you can access the inaccessible SQL file content. It provides you with various advanced features to restore maximum possible data. Along with that, the application is widely compatible with all the latest and prior versions of Windows.

Significant features of the software

  • Repair corrupted SQL Database Files: MDF file.
  • Dual recovery mode to fix any level of MDF file corruption.
  • Allow to save the snapshot of the recovered MDF file.
  • Save the recovered item directly to the server.


How to Open MDF File Without SQL Server?

Follow the below steps to repair damaged SQL Database files using the DRS SQL recovery software.

  1. To open MDF File, launch SQL Database software tool and select the MDF file to view the SQL database. Click OK to initiate the scanning.
  2. Once the scanning completes, all the database objects will appear in the form of tree structure. Now, hit a click on the left pane to view SQL Database objects.
  3. For saving these files, you need to click on the “Save SQL Data” option.

Concluding words

After reading this article, you would surely learn how to open MDF file. We have described the reasons for MDF file corruption and the best way to access your mailbox data.


Q 1. How do I open MDF Database Online?

Ans:  In order to open MDF, follow the below steps:

  • Launch DRS SQL Database Recovery Tool.
  • Click on Open button to add the healthy as well as corrupted MDF file.
  • Preview the selected MDF file in the preview pane of the software.

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