DRS SQL Viewer Tool

An Easy Way to Access Your SQL Database objects like Schemas, Tables, Indexes, Constraints, Triggers, etc.

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Download Freeware: DRS MDF Viewer only allows you to open SQL database files (.mdf and .ndf)

SQL Database Recovery Software Box

DRS SQL Viewer Windows Utility does not save the recovered SQL database items. It only previews the database file content. Therefore, download DRS SQL Recovery Tool. It saves the recovered MDF files.

Best SQL File Viewer Online - Overview

Open Corrupt SQL Database Files Using This Free MDF and NDF File Viewer Tool

DRS SQL Viewer Freeware is a free MDF reader that allows you to open the inaccessible SQL database files (.mdf and .ndf files). This utility reads the corrupted MDF and NDF files and displays the file content. This tool provides numerous functionalities for a better user experience. Moreover, this application is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

  • Recover SQL Database objects like records, indexes, tables, triggers, etc.
  • Easily repair corrupted MDF and NDF files.
  • Dual recovery mode: Standard and Advanced.
  • Read damaged database files of any size.
  • Preview of recovered items in the tree structure.
  • Option to manually choose the collation of selected files.
  • Compact utility with fast performance and high efficiency.
  • Support SQL database files created by any version of MS SQL.

Characteristics of DRS SQL Viewer Tool

MS SQL Database Viewer Free Provides Various Advanced Features
Repair Complete SQL Database

Repair Complete SQL Database

DRS SQL Viewer Freeware recovers complete SQL objects like schemas, tables, views, indexes, constraints, triggers, sequences, variables, etc. While repairing the damaged file, the tool maintains data integrity.

Read Corrupt MDF and NDF Files

Read Corrupt MDF and NDF Files

The SQL MDF Viewer can read healthy as well as damaged SQL files (MDF and NDF files). Both MDF and NDF files are the backup files for SQL databases. Using the application, you can view the SQL database without installing the SQL Server into your system.

Preview MDF and NDF File

Preview MDF and NDF File

The free SQL Viewer tool is a free MDF File Reader that reads and displays the preview of the MDF and NDF file content. In the left pane, the tree structure contains all the directories and sub-directories of the selected SQL file.

Dual SQL Recovery Modes

Dual SQL Recovery Modes

The software is equipped with two recovery modes, Standard and Advanced. Therefore, you can open SQL database files subjected to any level of corruption. Advanced mode is highly recommended for heavily corrupted SQL database files.

How Does DRS SQL Database Recovery Tool Help You?

The SQL File Opener is a proficient utility to read the corrupted SQL database MDF and NDF files. But, it does not allow you to save the recovered data. Therefore, you should opt for a more advanced application. DRS SQL Database Recovery Tool enables you to open and save the recovered SQL database file. Let us check what its significant options are.

Save Recovered MDF File

Save Recovered MDF File

Apart from accessing the SQL database items, the SQL database recovery tool allows you to save the recovered MDF and NDF file content. While saving the recovered SQL files, the data integrity and file structure will remain unaltered.

Save and Load Snapshot

Save and Load Snapshot

Unlike SQL Viewer online, The SQL Repair tool provides you with the snapshot feature. You can save and load the snapshot of the recovered MDF and NDF files. This snapshot helps you to access the file content of the corrupt SQL database file.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

The application is built with a compact size and interactive user interface. The main objective is to enhance the performance of the tool without compromising its usability of the tool. It is suitable for both experts and beginners.

Widely Compatible Utility

Widely Compatible Utility

The SQL Database Recovery Tool supports all versions of MDF and NDF files. Also, this tool works efficiently with Windows. So, whether you use Windows 7 or Windows 11, you can use the application and access your damaged SQL file.

Working Screenshots of SQL Database Viewer Online

Technical Requirements and Specifications

MS SQL Database Viewer Freeware Allows You to Access Corrupted MDF and NDF File

Software Download

Upgrade to DRS SQL Database Recovery Tool and Save the recovered SQL database MDF and NDF file.

Size: 2 MB   Version: 22.0

Download Now Upgrade Pro

The SQL Viewer freeware helps you read the corrupted SQL database MDF and NDF files. However, it does not save the recovered items.





Hard Disk Space

500 MB Free Space

Operating System Windows 11 and all the prior version

1. Why is the software not working in my Windows 10?

Ans: Follow the steps below if the software is not working properly on your PC.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Turn off Real-Time Protection.
    Without disabling the controlled folder access, the application becomes unable to install some essential programs. It is because the safety feature blocks anything that tries to modify user\{user name} or various other related folders.

2. Why is my backup process still getting blocked?

Ans: Disable the antivirus and Windows defender and add the product to the exception list. The firewall and antiviruses that protect your system from malicious programs also consider our product a threat. So, you need to deactivate the security features.

3. Does this software support SAN, NAS storage systems?

Ans: Yes, the tool supports SAN, NAS storage systems provided that the file's access is transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the below steps to open the SQL database file
  • Download and install the DRS SQL Viewer application. Run it as administrator.
  • Click on the Open button and press the Browse button.
  • Choose the damaged MDF file and press the Open button.
  • Select the recovery mode and other options and click on the OK button.

Ans : Yes, the SQL database viewer online has no file size limitation. It can read MDF files of any size.

Ans: The application supports corrupted MDF and NDF files easily.

Ans: The DRS SQL Viewer tool is free to use. You can open the damaged SQL database files. However, you cannot save the recovered item. You need to upgrade to the DRS SQL Database Recovery tool.

Ans: Of course, this freeware is compatible with Windows 11 and other early versions.

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Comparison Between Free SQL Viewer and SQL Database Recovery Tool
Product Features SQL Viewer Freeware SQL Database Recovery
Repair SQL Database objects like tables, triggers, indexes, records, etc. Display Recovered data Display and save recovered data
Open healthy as well as damaged MDF files
Display the preview of SQL database in tree-structure
No file size limitation
Dual recovery modes: Standard and Advanced
Option to manually choose Collation
Support MDF files of any SQL Database
Widely compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, etc.
24*7 Technical support
Price Free $99
Download and Purchase Download Upgrade Pro
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