Quick Fix “Not Implemented” Error in Microsoft Outlook on Windows

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While using any of the Microsoft technology it is so common to encounter multiple issues but some bugs can take a lot of time to fix. One such error is ‘’not implemented’’ error. This occurs when a user tries to send/receive, Reply, Reply all and forward and email In Microsoft Outlook regardless of which windows you are working on be it Windows 10, 8 &7 on your system.

So today through this blog I will tell you the reasons behind the error and how this not implemented error can be fixed.

Reasons responsible for Outlook “not implemented” error code

Whenever a user hit send/receive, Reply, Reply all & Forward operation they encountered this “not implemented” error. Some key reasons responsible for this issue are:

  • Defective add-ins may cause Outlook Not implemented error code
  • Inappropriate outlook installation can also be responsible for the outlook error code
  • Damage or corrupt Outlook profile
  • Corrupt Outlook Personal storage files (PST) may cause this error
  • The inappropriate configuration may also exert influence on message send /receive service
  • Corrupt or damage Outlook.exe file

Methods to Fix Outlook error code “not implemented”

Operate MS Outlook in Safe Mode to disable add-ins

Often outlook Add-ins are the reasons behind many errors. Corrupt Add-ins can hamper the performance of Outlook and the error we are discussing can also be a result of some corrupt add-ins. Therefore it is required to disable add-ins of Microsoft Outlook. To do this:-

  • Launch MS outlook in Safe mode, In the Windows Run dialogue box, type outlook/safe command and press enter. Now MS outlook will be launched in Safe mode making all add-ins disabled.
  • By going to Outlook options>Add-ins> Go. A list of all outlook add-ins will show up. You need to uncheck all the boxes to disable all add-ins.
  • To find if this method worked try clicking send/receive or reply/forward. If it works then the issue has been identified.
  • Now, In order to figure out which is the defected add-in you can enable one add-in at a time and check send/receive, Reply, Reply in every single attempt.

Try regenerating Outlook Profile

  • At first, open Control panel> Search mail> now click on show profiles
  • Then select a profile and click on remove and add a new one
  • At last to check if the issue still exists restart the outlook.

Reset  Send /receive settings

SRS file has all the send/receive information. In order to resolve the Outlook error Not implemented, it can be useful. Follow the steps to do this:-

  • Move your cursor to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\
  • Then rename the file name from Outlook.srs to Outlook.srs old
  • To find if the access to filename has been recovered finally restart the Outlook

Run Scan.PST tool

Microsoft has provided this to build useful feature to repair and restore any outlook data. You can find it in the default email folder where the Outlook.exe file is saved.

Also Read: How to locate Scanpst.exe in Outlook 2016 and all earlier versions?

  • Firstly, double-click the scanpst.exe file & directly upload Personal storage file
  • Click Start> a list of error will be displayed
  • Lastly, to fix or resolve the Not implemented error in MS outlook click on Repair

Disabling some antivirus features

It is advisable to keep antivirus to keep system healthy and free from malicious attack.    At times these applications are made to scan emails. Hence the process of send/receive can be delayed. To prevent the ‘’Not implemented error’’ to occur due to antivirus, it is recommended to employ a setting that makes antivirus scan all sent and received emails to delay.

Experts Recommendation

Even after trying all these methods if still, the issue persists, it’s time to opt a professional tool because your Outlook PST is critically damaged and you need to quickly fix the “not implemented” error In Microsoft Outlook on Windows. To fix it there are multiple tools available but as per the expert recommendation, the best is the PST Recovery Tool. This tool is capable enough to recover or restore maximum data from your damaged or corrupted PST files. It’s a free utility with an interactive interface. Some of its Salient features are:

  1. Repair and restore entire Outlook items like tables, Emails, Calendars, Contacts & Distribution.
  2. Underpins PST files created by MS outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, etc.
  3. Effectively restore and recover password protected PST files.
  4. Successfully recovers PST files of any size even a file up to 80 GB has been tested.



I have explained all the possible solutions to quick fix “not implemented” error. Now it’s up to you which method you want to use. However, I will recommend you opt for an alternative solution to resolve your issue successfully.

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