Unable to Connect with Access Database Error – Fixed

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When we try to connect to Microsoft Access Database, sometimes we have face errors open on a pop-up screen and we’re unable to connect with Access Database. This case has not happened with the user for one or two times but it happens multiple times. Due to unawareness of this issue, many users encounter this issue. Hence, they have to go through the same and have no idea about this issue or its fixes. So, here in this guide, we are telling many ways to fix it.

But as time passes it is necessary to study the problem’s root and develop the most efficient solution. Luckily developers find the best solution to track the cause of this Access Database Error and ways to get rid of the database connectivity issue.

Generally, this error occurs due to various possible reasons. But in this blog, we’ll discuss some most popular reasons why a user faces the same. Also, we’ll go through the steps to fix the error ‘Access Database Connectivity issue.’

Unable to connect with Access Database due to Incorrect Database Password

Whenever the Access database error occurs, then there are chances that the cause would be tricky. Due to the small mistakes of users like providing the wrong password and due to all these silly stuffy they’ll get the same error message. If you’ll get an error due to this issue then you can solve it by re-entering the Access database password.

Method 1: Transferring Data to Non-Microsoft Office Applications

In order to transfer your data files between Microsoft Office files and non-Microsoft Office applications, one needs to install a third-party Access Database Engine/Tools. These tools help the user for quick data transfer.

Without the Access Database Engine, the system gives the same error, as above., To install the suitable build of Access Database Engine, you have to attempt data transfer in and out of Microsoft Office utility.

Method 2: Check up the  Architecture of Office Application

Firstly download the Access Database Engine than proceed, it is more important to check the Office application architecture, whether it is 32bit or 64bit.

Sometimes due to the mismatch in the architecture of Office applications can force the Database Engine to show this error.

To check your Office application architecture, follow the steps below:

  • Initially, run the Microsoft Access utility.
  • Then, Click on File > Account.
  • Hit on About Access.
  • At the top right, look for the application architecture.

After you check the Office application architecture, then you have to download the Access Database Engine.

Note: If the architecture of your system is 32bit – x86, then installing the 64bit version of both Microsoft Office applications and Access Database Engine would create issues similar as above.

Method 3: Download Microsoft Access Database Engine

To download the specific versions of the Access Database Engine, we have given the direct link to go through the official site.

  • For Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable
  • For Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable
  1. Open any Web Browser application that you use.
  2. Simply copy the link from here and paste it into the URL section of Browser and click enter.
  3. The web page would load as below. Click on the Download button.
  4. In the end, choose the executable file by tick-mark on the available checkbox >> Next.

Note: To download the Access Database Engine of version 2010 and 2016, you can copy-paste the link from above. But for all the previous versions of Microsoft Office applications, you can take the help of google.

As soon as the utility downloads in your system, you will move to the installation part.

To download & install the Access Database Engine you can solve the issue “Unable to Connect With Access Database” error.

After doing all the above-suggested steps, if you still get an issue in your Access database connectivity then make sure that the database password you entered was correct or not. Well, if no then put the right password or not then continue reading as there are some other causes. Given below we suggest to you some other cause and their fixes.

Method 4: Microsoft Access ODBC Driver Error HY024

When the user tries to connect with the Access database after your selection of a specific database ACCDB file, then the utility will give you an error message. The possible reason behind this error is a mismatch in the construction of Windows Server or with the drivers and databases.

In case you are accessing your database from the web then it shows the warning:

ADODB.Connection error ‘800a0e7a’

The specified provider could not be found. It may not be installed correctly.

/index.asp, line 43

Fixes For This Error

  • To fix this Microsoft Access Database Engine error you just have to download and install the utility on the Windows server.
  • Make sure to check the connection of driver from the ASP file, that looks similar as:
    {Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)}

A technique to Follow when Access Database Files Corrupt

In case your Microsoft Access Database file corrupts then something bad happens to you. Well! no need to worry. We also have a solution for that particular situation. Use the Access Database Recovery Tool if your files got corrupted to repair them again. This tool can easily Repair your MDB & ACCDB files & Restores MS Access Database Files. Give a look at features of utility:

  • Easily repairs the corrupted MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access.
  • Gives you complete recovery of data files and objects from corrupted database files.
  • Perform recovery in two smart modes i.e, Standard and Advanced Mode.
  • Gives you a preview of files before the actual recovery of data files.
  • Compatibility is high and can be run on Windows version 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

Wrap Up

In this technical blog, we help users who seek help to fix Access database connectivity issues or unable to connect with Access Database. Well! After downloading and installing the Access Database tool sometimes sorts this issue. But in other cases, there are two options to fix this error i.e, Manual and Professional Techniques. And we advise you to take the expert suggestion and use the third-party Access Database Recovery Tools rather than the manual helps.

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