Google Drive Files Not Showing Up on PC – Issue Resolved

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Why Do the Google Drive Files Not Showing Up on PC/Computer Occur?

It is not a single fault causing the ‘Google drive not syncing to PC’ issue. It might be raised due to many reasons. You may have moved the desired file to any other location and are searching for it at its previous location.

Another reason can be that the antivirus program is blocking the Google Drive file you want to open. These applications block any file which appears as a threat. So, you can check if this is the cause of your Google Drive file not showing up.

Sometimes, bugs in Google Drive also led to temporary technical issues that further cause the Google drive on computer not syncing issue. These are some of the prominent causes of the Google Drive issue. We have answered the query: Why are my files not showing up in Google Drive? It is time to check the methods to fix this problem.

Practices to Fix Google Drive Not Syncing with Computer Issues

Numerous solutions are available if you say, ‘my Google drive is not syncing with my computer.’ Depending upon the cause of the error message, you can choose any suitable method. Below we described a few simple solutions that will fix the Google Drive problem. So, read them carefully.

#1. Restart Google Drive

Sometimes, most of the issues have been resolved simply by restarting the Google Drive application on your PC. It is the simplest solution to the Google Drive folders not showing up on computer issues. Open the tray menu at the bottom corner of your screen. Now, right-click on the Google Drive icon and press Exit.

Now, click on the Window key and search for Google Drive. Double-click on the Google Drive icon to start the application. By following these simple steps, anyone can easily restart Google Drive desktop applications and fix the ‘Google drive not syncing to PC’ issue.

#2. Find Missing Files in Trash Folder

It might be possible that Google Drive files not showing up on your PC because you have deleted them from the My Drive folder. If this is the case, you can easily access them from the Trash folder. Every item you delete from Google Drive will get moved to the Trash folder. It remains there for a specific time. After that, it gets permanently deleted.

#3. Sign-Out from the Drive and Sign-In Again

Logging in multiple Google Accounts on the same device can be problematic when you are using Google Drive. It causes Google Drive not syncing with computer issues. Therefore, it is advised to sign out of all Google accounts from your device.

After that, log in only to that Google Account associated with the Google Drive application on your PC. It reduces unnecessary hurdles in data synchronization and further resolves the Google Drive folders not showing up on computer issues.

#4. Try Other Web Browsers

If you are using the Google Chrome browser and facing the Google drive on PC not syncing issue, it might be possible that Google Chrome has been corrupted or misconfigured. You can try opening your Google Drive in other web browsers.

  • Open your Gmail account in a browser other than Google Chrome.
  • Now, go to the Drive icon in the Google Apps section.
  • Check for the files not appearing earlier.

If those files are available, you need to update Google Chrome instead of Google Drive.

#5. Make Appropriate Changes in Firewall Settings

Open your Firewall settings and make sure that Google Drive synchronization is not blocked. If the firewall blocks the Google Drive application to establish a connection to the server, some files will not be visible. Therefore, you need to grant the required permissions to the Google Drive application.

All the above methods are effective to fix the ‘Google drive folders not showing up on computer’ issue yet they do not ensure protection from accidental data loss and virus attacks. You can regain your files but what if you have deleted them permanently? The best approach to save your valuable data is to create a backup of your Google Drive items. You can download your data manually or you can use a professional Google Drive Migration software.

An Advance Better Approach to Prevent Data Loss

Fixing the Google drive files not showing up on PC or Computer issues will allow you to access your data. However, it does not ensure protection of your data from accidental data loss. Therefore, we suggest you use the professional DRS Google Drive Migration Tool. With the help of this software, you can download all your valuable Google Drive items. This way, you can prevent any data loss due to unintentional file deletion or corruption.

It is an ideal solution to backup your Google Drive files. It saves Google Docs, Sheets, PDFs, and other Google files. You can download your Google data to a local drive and migrate it to OneDrive or another Google Drive account. This application is a completely secure and reliable tool for saving your Google Drive data. Moreover, you can download and use this software on any Windows OS.


I hope this article has provided you with all the necessary information regarding the Google Drive files not showing up on computer. We answered the query: Why is my Google Drive not syncing on Windows machine? How to fix the Google drive for desktop not working issues? We explained some simple and effective solutions to resolve this problem. However, fixing the issue does not protect you from data loss. So, we also recommended a professional Google Drive Migration Software.

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