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Migrate Google Drive to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Local Drive using the Advanced Google Drive Migrator Application

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Demo Version Limitation: Demo version of the DRS Google Drive Migration Tool can migrate files up to 20 MB in size.

DRS Google Drive Migration Tool is the most trustworthy and effective solution to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, Local Drive, or another Google Drive account. It can swiftly transfer your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, images, and many other items from Google Drive with complete accuracy. The application is quite effective in sustaining data integrity. Also, you can use the application on your PC with any Windows version.

  • Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, a local hard disk, or another Google Drive account.
  • Download different drive items like Google docs, sheets, slides, PDFs, Images, etc.
  • Export all Google drive items from the Shared folder and Trash folder.
  • Allow migrating specific file types using the file extension filter.
  • Date filtering feature to download G drive items of a particular date range.
  • Filtering based on created date and modified date of drive items.
  • Allow migration of duplicate Google Drive files and documents.
  • Option to free up server space to leave required storage for new items.
  • A secure and reliable solution to download your Google Drive data.
  • Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS. Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other early versions

Why Use DRS Google Drive Migration Tool?

Transfer Google Drive Data to Local Drive

Using the Google Drive Data Migration Software, you can download your complete Google Drive data into the local drive. While saving the drive items, the application automatically converts Google items into the corresponding native file extensions of Windows, like it converts Google Docs to Docx file format, Sheets to the xlsx file extension, etc. Therefore, the file integrity remains unaltered during the conversion.

Share Drive items to Microsoft OneDrive

You can migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive without compromising the data structure. Before initiating the data export, the Google Drive Migration Tool asks for assigning a suitable destination to the Google Drive items in OneDrive. Also, if you want to transfer files from one Google Drive to another Google Drive, you can do so with this utility. Hence, it is a comprehensive solution to migrate your G Drive files.

Download Only Specific Files and Documents

Different options for selective data migration are available in the tool. You can opt for the advanced date range filter. Enabling this feature, you can specify a particular date range and instruct the application to exclude all the items outside the date range. Thus, you can only migrate files you want to export. Above all, it also provides an option to delete the migrated data to release free space for new files.

Specific Features of DRS Google Drive Data Migration Software

Download Google Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, Images, and other items via the most innovative Google Drive to Google Drive Migrator

DRS Google Drive Migration Tool is the most reliable solution for all users who want to download complete Google Drive data. Exclusively designed to migrate Google Drive items, you can export your important files and documents to OneDrive, local drive, or another Google Drive. This software offers numerous advanced features to simplify data migration. Above all, the functionalities of this tool are kept simple and easy to understand. Therefore, any non-technical user can use the application without further assistance.

Migrate Complete Google Drive Items

Migrate Complete Google Drive Items

DRS Google Drive Migrator Software migrates all your Google drive items like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Images, PDFs, etc. It makes downloading all your valuable files and documents fast and easy without compromising data privacy and integrity. You can rely completely on this G Drive Migration Tool.

Google Drive to One Drive Migration

Google Drive to One Drive Migration

This exclusive utility allows migrating Google Drive to OneDrive with the same hierarchy. While migrating your data, you can specify the migration of only necessary items. Also, it can also export your G drive items to local storage and another Google drive. Therefore, it is a complete Google Drive Migration Solution.

Export Selected File Extensions

Export Selected File Extensions

If you want to download only some specific file types, you can use the extension-based filter of the Google drive downloader. Enable the filter and provide the extension of the files you want to migrate. Add them to the list and proceed further. Using this option, only specific data will be migrated.

Migrate Shared Drive Folder

Migrate Shared Drive Folder

Another remarkable feature of the Best Google Drive Migration Tool is that it can export the shared and trash folder of Google Drive. Items you received from other users are located in the shared folder. Similarly, the deleted items are in the trash folder. The application supports the migration of these folders without any restriction.

Innovative Date Range Filtering

Innovative Date Range Filtering

Google Drive Migration Tool provides you with date range migration features. Using this option, you can specify the date range of interest and the application will migrate files related to that specified date range. Moreover, you can add multiple date ranges to migrate all the necessary items from your Google Drive.

Feature to Download Duplicate Items

Feature to Download Duplicate Items

By default, the Google Drive migration software excludes duplicate files of Google Drive. However, we provide you with an option to keep the duplicates while migrating your data. Because the application identifies identical items based on their name and file types, users may want to keep all files with the same name.

Free Up Server Space

Free Up Server Space

After downloading complete Google Drive data, you might want to delete it from the server. To save you time and effort, the application provides the advanced Free up server space feature. Using this option, you can delete those Google drive items you have migrated successfully and leave free space for new items.

Free Demo Version

Free Demo Version

DRS Google Drive Data Migration Software is also available in a free version. It has the same features as the premium application. However, there is a limitation that it can only migrate files up to 20 MB in size. Therefore, the free demo version is only suitable for analyzing the software before purchasing the full software.

Secure and Reliable Solution

Secure and Reliable Solution

DRS Google Drive Migration Tool is a secure and reliable utility that provides high data privacy and security. Your Google drive data will remain intact after the migration. Along with data integrity, the file structure will also be sustained. Moreover, the application maintains data privacy and prevents third-party interference

Windows Compatible Utility

Windows Compatible Utility

The application is designed to work effectively on Windows OS. You can use all the functionalities of the software on your PC irrespective of the Windows version. Therefore, whether you use Windows 11 or any other version of Windows, the performance of the software will remain the same for all Windows versions.

Migrate Google Drive Data to Another Google Drive, Local Drive, & OneDrive

Technical Specifications and Requirements

DRS Google Drive Migration Tool Transfer Google Drive to OneDrive, Local Drive, and Other Google Drive

Software Download

DRS Google Drive Migration Tool is the most practical and effective approach to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive, Google Drive, and local drive. It enhances the user experience by offering advanced features and an interactive GUI. Moreover, you can operate this drive migration utility on every Windows platform.

Size:107 MB   Version: 23.4

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The Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool free version enables you to migrate up to 20 MB file size only. Any file greater than 20 MB will not be migrated. Therefore, you should purchase the premium tool for migrating complete Google Drive data.


Pentium class processor


512MB RAM (1GB Recommended)

Hard Disk Space

500 MB Free Space

Operating System Windows 10 and all the prior versions

1. Why is the software not working on my Windows 10?

Ans: Follow the steps below if the software is not working correctly on your PC.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Turn off Real-Time Protection.
  4. Without disabling the controlled folder access, the application becomes unable to install some essential programs. It is because the safety feature blocks anything that tries to modify user\{user name} or various other related folders.

2. Why is my backup process still getting blocked?

Ans: Disable the antivirus and Windows defender and add the product to the exception list. The firewall and antiviruses that protect your system from malicious programs also consider our product a threat. So, you need to deactivate the security features.

3. Does this software support SAN and NAS storage systems?

Ans: Yes, the tool supports SAN, and NAS storage systems provided that the file’s access is transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the below instructions to download Google Drive data to your system.
  • Download and install the DRS Google Drive Migration Application. Run it as administrator.
  • Provide the login credentials to your Google Drive account and verify it.
  • After that, you will see the preview of your Google Drive items. Select the desired items and hit Next.
  • Now, specify all the features as per your requirement and click on the Next button.
  • Select the destination as a local drive and press the Next button to proceed further.
  • Specify the name and location of the output file and proceed further.
  • Your Google Drive data will get migrated to your PC.

Ans: After providing the login credentials, you need to grant permission to the application to access your Google Drive data. If you do not provide the required permissions, the application will not initiate the migration.

Ans: Using the DRS Google Drive Migration Tool, you can migrate all your Google Drive items like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, Images, Videos, and all the files available in your Google Drive.

Ans: Yes, the application allows you to transfer everything from one google drive to another account. While selecting the destination for migration, choose Google Drive from the drop-down list.

Ans: DRS Google Drive Migration Tool provides the advanced Date Range filtering feature to narrow down migration to the required items only. Set the specific Start Date and End Date to specify the date range. Also, you can add multiple date ranges.

Ans: The Free up Server Space feature of the DRS Google Drive Migration software allows you to delete the drive files after completing the migration. It helps you to free up some space for new files.

Ans: No, the application migrates your Google Drive items, but it does not grant the same access permission as the original file. It means, for migrating a Google Doc file that has access to multiple users, the same user access will not be forwarded.

Ans: Data integrity and privacy are ensured when you migrate your data through Google Drive Migrator Tool. It maintains the data structure and hierarchy of folders.

Ans: Yes, the application will work swiftly on your Windows 7 PC. Moreover, you can use this software on your PC with any version of Windows.

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Comparison Between DRS Google Drive Migrator Software Demo v/s Premium License
Product Features Demo Version Full Version
Migrate complete Google Drive data like Docs, Sheet, PDF, Images, Videos, Application, etc. Files up to 20MB Files of all sizes
Migrate Google drive to another account, OneDrive and, Local Drive
Display preview of your Drive files and select specific items
File extension based filter to migrate only specific file types
Date range filter to export items of a particular date range
Migrate Google Drive files based on created date and modified date
Allow migration of duplicate drive files
Option to free up server space after migrating the data
Simple and interactive GUI
Compatible with all versions of Windows
24*7 technical support
Price Free $49
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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