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Corruption in Microsoft Office files and documents is very common in these days; hence Microsoft Office recovery becomes essential for Office users. Files and documents created by Office tools are prone to corruption, be it Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, Access database or Outlook data file. In this blog post, you’ll read about Microsoft Office components, their files and how to repair them manually.

On August 1, 1989, Microsoft introduced an Office suite of desktop applications for the Microsoft Windows, which is known as Microsoft Office. It contains some useful applications for multiple purposes, such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Outlook. All these Office applications are commonly used and highly popular among computer users. Unfortunately, not even a single Office file is immune to corruption. The Office files may get corrupted due to numerous reasons and become inaccessible.

Microsoft Office components:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word document is a popular Word doc file, which is used for multiple purposes. It is used to create and manage several types of documents, such as memos, letters, brochures, envelope templates, applications, resumes, letterheads, articles, official documents, etc. This application offers a wide range of features which enable users to create attractive documents. It supports text formatting and enables users to add various items like images, graphs, tables, charts, etc. to their documents. It has a built-in spelling and grammar checker that enables users to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes while creating documents.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft to store and manage essential data. It is mainly used to create electronic spreadsheets. Excel is commonly used for analyzing and storing a large amount of data in a systematic way. It is also used to create invoices, timesheet trackers, etc. The Excel application offers a wide range of features which enable users to add various objects to their spreadsheets. A spreadsheet file contains many objects like cells, ranges, tables, charts, etc. It includes a number of built-in formulas which are used for to perform common tasks, known as functions. It also enables users to define custom formulas in the calculation while creating reports.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation program which is used to create presentations files for multiple purposes. The PowerPoint program is widely used in businesses and classrooms for training purposes. It is commonly used for creating slideshow presentations with the use of text, images, graphics and animation (sounds and videos) which can be displayed on a projection system or a personal computer. Besides these, the presentation files created in PowerPoint can be distributed as stand-alone files. PowerPoint has become the most accessible way to present visual aids to users.

Microsoft Access 

Microsoft Access is a database management system, which is used to combine the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface. It is commonly used to create computer-based databases and to manage them. It works as an Information Management Tool that stores a large amount of data and information for reference, reporting, and analysis. It stores and manages data more efficiently than any other database management program. A database file of MS Access contains tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and VBA modules to cover both front-end (load/entry) and back-end (reporting/maintenance).

Microsoft Outlook 

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager, which is commonly used as an email application for sending and receiving email messages. Other than this, it also includes calendartask managercontact managernote takingjournal and web browsing. It is called personal information manager tool as it stores all the sent and received email messages along with contacts, calendars, and other data items. It can be used as a stand-alone application for individual purpose and can be collaborated with MS Exchange Server and MS SharePoint Server for multiple users in an organization.

These are some very popular desktop applications of Microsoft Office suite. But do you know one this? The files created in these programs are not immune to corruption? A Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation file, an access database and an Outlook data file, none of them is immune to corruption. They can be easily damaged or corrupted due to various reasons, such as virus attacks, sudden system shutdown, unfinished cancellation of application, hard drive failure, software malfunction, etc. The data which are stored in the files may be lost forever if files are not repaired ASAP. Microsoft Office Recovery is the only option a user can opt here.


In this blog, we have described various Microsoft’s components which are used by many professionals on a daily basis.

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