Are you Unable to View JPEG Images? Try the Alternative Ways

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Majority of users store images in JPEG format only but sometimes due to corruption they are unable to view JPEG Images. As we know that every image clicked by a mobile camera or a digital camera are stored in a jpeg format. But what will you do if your jpeg file is corrupted? You have two option i.e. either you can delete it or restore it from the backup if you have created a backup.

So in this article, I am going to discuss the various methods through which you can open a corrupted JPEG file and view your images. I will try to keep all the methods straight and simple so that a non-technical user can also repair and open his corrupted Image file.

Five Methods to Open Corrupted JPEG Image File

Any external virus attack can make the JPEG file corrupted. So I hope the following methods can help you out to get back the JPEG files. Let’s see those easy solutions:-

Change JPEG File Format

  • Right Click on the Jpeg file and Open it with Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Click on Save As under the File
  • Choose either .bmp or .png in the Save As Type column.
  • Click on Save.

Once you change the file format then there are chances that you can open view the image. But if still jpeg file is not opening then follow the next solution.

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Unhide JPEG file Extensions

  • Click on Start and open Control Panel.
  • Go to Appearance and Personalization
  • Choose File Explorer.
  • Under View Tab click on Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  • Uncheck Hide Extension and Click on OK.

Now try to open the JPEG file and I hope you are able to view the file. Still, you are unable to view jpeg images then try the third solution.

Open JPEG file with Browser

  • Right-Click on the JPEG
  • Point the Cursor on Open with
  • Choose the Respective Browser.

After the completion of the loading process, you will be able to view your file on the browser which you have selected. If the corruption is severe then try to re-generate the image.

Download or Take Screenshot from Social Media

Many users have the habit of sharing pictures on social media. So if you have also done the same then you can download the image file from the social media or can take the screenshot of that image. In both the situation, the file will be saved in the jpeg format only.

I hope by now you might be able to view corrupted images. But if the file is severely corrupted then these methods won’t work. You have to try a third party tool. You will be only able to view your files if you repair it. So it is quite difficult to repair the jpeg file manually. You have to go for a third party tool.

Well, I will suggest the JPEG Repair Tool by Data Recovery Solution which will help you to repair corrupted jpeg images. If you are unable to view jpeg images then I am sure that this tool will fix the corruption and enables you to open jpeg files in windows.

Download JPEG Repair Tool

JPEG Repair Tool

This tool is smartly designed to repair damaged jpeg files and allows the user to view them. It also repairs PNG, BMP, PSD, MEF and GIF files. If the user has raw images on the digital camera then too this tool can fix their corruption. You can see the GUI of this tool when I will explain the step by step procedure to run this software.

Steps to Run JPEG Repair Tool

  • Download and Launch the Software.

  • Click on Add Files and add jpeg files which you want to Repair.


  • Once the files are added you can see their Location and Details.


  • Select the Preferred Location where you want to save the Repaired Files and Click on OK.


  • Click on Repair and Save and then on OK.

Once you are done with all the steps you can open and view the jpeg files from the saved location. See this tool can save a lot of time efforts and you can easily access the jpeg image files.

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Now it is the time to wrap up the things. You are aware of the manual and techniques which I told you in this article. Try those solutions and if you are still unable to view jpeg images then you can try the professional repair software which can help you out to open and see the jpeg images. Make your choice according to the severity of the problem.

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