How to update Gmail to a new look – Gmail update 2018

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The world’s most popular email service is undoubtedly Gmail. This Google’s service is one of the most commonly used services on the internet. Gmail has now more than 1 billion monthly active users. Since its launch in 2004, Gmail hasn’t seen any noteworthy change until now.

This time around there is a big change in the web interface – Gmail update 2018. A new Gmail interface has been launched in 2018. The changes made let it look cool and uplifting at the same time. There are new features introduced in the latest Gmail update 2018 like “confidential mode”, email snoozing, better integration with other Google apps, an improved offline mode etc.

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How to change the theme in Gmail?

Earlier the classic Gmail theme shown on your computer system was something like this:


The steps to change the theme are as follows:

  • Load Gmail on your web browser and then sign in.
  • Click on the gear icon that appears on your right-hand side of the Gmail window and in that click Themes.



  • The themes dialog box appears where you can scroll through various gallery pictures. The ones on the top are by various photographer’s pictures of the beach, mountain etc and at the bottom, you get simple themes like dark and light colors. You can even click on My Photos and use your own personal photos.


  • When you click on any picture you’ll get other options like text background, adjust vignettes, adjust blur which will further modify your theme. This is one of the ways to change the look of Gmail.

How to use settings to change your web interface with latest Gmail update 2018?

  • On the right side of Gmail window there is a gear icon called Settings. Click on it.


  • After that go to “Try the new Gmail” and click on it.

new gmail

  • After the page are loads, click on Next icon and then choose a view for your inbox.


  • Click OK. Now, if you want your old interface back then, go back to the gear icon again, click on Settings and set to “Go back to Classic Gmail”.

How to do email snoozing?

Email snoozing is a new feature added in Gmail interface 2018. In this feature when you hover over the emails you can see 4 different options. The options are the archive, delete, mark as unread and snooze for later. When you click on snooze for later, it will show different options like snooze until tomorrow, this weekend, next week etc. In this way, you tag an email with the time stamp and it disappears from your inbox and reappears at the time you’ve chosen.


How to change Display Density?

Click on the gear icon in the right side of Gmail window and then click on Display Density. There are three options: Default, Comfortable and Compact. The default is Comfortable which displays even attachment file in that particular email & has the most white spaces between various interface elements and the Compact display have the least amount of white spaces.

How to change the reading pane in Gmail?

  • Go to gear icon, click on Settings and go to the Advanced category in the new web interface and Lab category in the classic interface of the Gmail. Scroll down to the “Preview Pane” ,enable it and save the changes.
  • Once enabled, a new button will appear in the upper right of your inbox. You can choose 3 options from here: Vertical split, Horizontal split or No split.

How to stop Gmail from grouping mails?

Click the gear in the top right corner of the Gmail and then select Setttings. Click on the General category. Scroll down to the Conversation view section and select Conversation view off and then all the messages will come separately.



Being a professional, you have to spend too much time with Gmail. Giving Gmail redesign makes it look more personal and refreshing and you won’t get bored too easily. So go and try the new Gmail and let us know in the comments section below about how you liked or disliked the new interface introduced by Google in the latest Gmail update 2018.

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