Best Email Clients as Free Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used email management interfaces today. The outlook is mostly used in workplaces and homes to make the data stay organized and aligned. The outlook is overall a tough choice a user makes because all the data and files are at high risk of loss. A user always needs to have a backup in case there are any missing data and file corruption. The outlook is a new interface. Hence, it is a bit difficult for all users to understand the infrastructure of the platform. So, users chose their old mail clients instead. Luckily, there are Outlook alternatives.

Listed below are some of the reasons why users might want to migrate Outlook PST to other mail clients.

Reasons for Outlook Alternatives and Migration:

In App-purchases: Outlook let’s users use the trial version for a limited period of time. Later, it asks the user to purchase the licensed version to avail all benefits.
Connectivity: MS Outlook is a cloud based utility, so it always requires network connection to proceed further.
Confusing for new user: As it is said before, outlook is an advanced email client and is developed for office/business purposes. Its difficult for other clients users to cope with its architecture. Menus and drop down menus are not placed at locations as other mail clients.
Excessive features: Outlook infrastructure is an advanced email client which consists of multiple features. Anything that is provided in abundance, always puzzles one’s mind. Similarly, this attribute often makes the platform difficult for users to understand.

Top 7 Free Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

Top Outlook AlternativeThunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client launched by Mozilla foundation. It is an inbuilt Ubuntu system app introduced after Mozilla Firefox. Thunderbird supports .mbox and .emlx file formats. Apart from Outlook being the trending email client, some users still prefer using Thunderbird. Thunderbird offers numerous advantages like automatic updates, cuts the junk mail from the mailbox, and gives full protection against phishing activities. Furthermore, its robust privacy ensures no tracking by the web browser. As outlook is still used in workplaces, if a user wants to open PST file in Thunderbird, then he/she must use a PST converter that supports MBOX file format.



Gmail is an email service introduced by Google. Users can log in to their Gmail accounts on the web browser. Also, sometimes when users use third-party applications, it automatically synchronizes to your Gmail account using POP/IMAP protocols. Gmail supports .pdf file formats. Everyone has at least two or more accounts on Gmail today. Outlook being the neat office companion, users still chose Gmail. To make Outlook as good as Gmail, users can import their Outlook mailbox To Gmail.


replace Outlook with ZimbraZimbra

Zimbra is a collaborative software launched by LiquidSys. It supports the TGZ file format. As it is compatible with many email clients, it synchronizes client data between cloud mailbox and data which is stored in the computer. Its main feature collects and stores data from various clients. Zimbra desktop can also work in no network zone. Some benefits of Zimbra software: it enhances security, allows users to create calendars, and is best in avoiding spam mails. Users can import their Outlook files to Zimbra collaboration.


em client best Outlook alternativeeM Client

eM is a supporting email client of WindowsOS and MacOS. It is an alternative to Outlook email client that provides all mail services as well. Being an alternative, it has the most transforming feature that enables translation in up to 19 languages. It synchronizes with Outlook completely. So, if a user is not comfortable with the Outlook interface then he/she can import Outlook mailbox items to eM Client. Furthermore, it is eventually filled with management, synchronization, and configuration properties. For a successful migration, you can also look at the instructions given at eM client web page itself.


Windows live mail

Windows Mail

Windows Mail is a system application inbuilt in Microsoft Windows systems that could be used as a Microsoft Outlook Alternatives. Like every other mail service, Mails main feature is to send and receive emails. It is compatible with all versions of Windows 7 and above. Mail uses .emlx file as mail extension. Some advantages of being a mail user is that it is compatible with all Microsoft products either it is software, system application or a portable device. It has an interactive GUI, which makes it easier for the user to understand.

The outlook is still a new platform for some, so people still choose to use their old mail clients. Acknowledging users about email migration they can now convert their Outlook PST files into Windows mail compatible EMLX.


Apple mail instead of OutlookApple Mail

Apple foundation introduced Mac mail in the year 2000. This mail only works within Apple products like laptop, PC’s, and mobile devices. Apple mail supports the .mbox file format for all its mailbox services. Before, it consisted of Apple applications like iChat, iCal, and address book etc. Mac mail is a free email client. Whereas, MS Outlook asks for a licensed version after a short period. If a user is comfortable with Apple mail and is unable to manage with Outlook services, then he must import .pst files to Mac Mail.


Opera mail a free AlternativeOpera Mail

Opera Mail is a news and mail client launched by Opera software. It is the inbuilt application of Opera Mini browser. It has inbuilt text auto-correction, capitalization, spell-check, and spam-mail filtering. Opera mail supports .mbox file extension. It supports POP3/IMAP, newsgroups, atoms, and RSS feeds. Opera is the same as any other email client. Users can access opera on both mobile and PC.

Some of the benefits of using Opera Mail are: It allows the user to redirect to a page of the mail of their choice by choosing a page number from the drop-down menu, quick mail loads, and redirection through a shortcut icon.
If a user is willing to import all his Outlook emails to Opera mail, he can either convert the PST into MBOX file or synchronize the mail client via IMAP to get all the previous emails.

We have discussed all the Microsoft Outlook alternatives that a user can choose for migrating PST files. All the alternatives support a different file extension. Make sure in what extension the PST file needs to be converted in and then look for a method to convert the same. I hope you find this blog helpful.

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