VHD vs VHDX – A Concise Difference Between VHD and VHDX

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Summary: Many people are curious to know about the difference between VHD and VHDX files. Therefore, Today’s in this blog, we are going to discuss on VHD vs VHDX file format, there advantage, and disadvantages. So let’s dig in.

Before getting into VHD vs VHDX file formats let’s discuss what is Virtual Disk Image file?

Disk image files were particularly developed to contain the structure hierarchy and content of the drive or HHD, USB or any storage device. It impeccably replicates the storage device not leaving a single sector of the source. Also after mimicking the storage, it can be used independently. Disk image files are found on the host system which can be used by guest computers as a hard disk of a particular structure. If anything is written on the hard drive it is redirected to the image files via the virtual environment. In simple word, the virtual disk is just like a physical disk and it is generated when an image file is created.

Now, let’s discuss two of the major virtual file formats- VHD vs VHDX.

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Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

The Virtual Hard Disk file is the clone or you can say a duplicate copy consisting data of the actual physical hard disk. It was developed by a company named Connectix which was later acquired by Microsoft in the year 2003. The original name of the product was Virtual PC but was renamed as Microsoft Virtual PC by Microsoft.

Key features of VHD File:

  1. A most admired feature of this tool is it can be used to create multiple operating systems on one computer.
  2. It is basically used to develop a good environment for software and utility testing by providing multiple OS on one system.
  3. Very cost efficient process.
  4. Does not require individual partition or HHD to install.
  5. Virtual machines can directly be modified by the host servers, including file recovery, a full backup of the machine, transfer of VHD files, image disk conversion, etc.

Advantages of VHD File:

VHD has several benefits, some of them are as follows:

  • Proficient Resource Usage: Different OS is required to test different software or utility. So using this tool you can simply fetch and configure VHD to install the different OS on one system rather multiple systems.
  • Backup and Recovery: Using VHD you can easily recover all the unwanted changes done to the VHD file and also you can recover corrupted VHF files which are either damaged by virus infection or deleted. With the help of VHD, you can recover VHD/VHDX files that are corrupted or unreadable.
  • Multi-user facility: This amazing tool allows the user to create multiple users for one operating system. Every user has its own database which cannot be altered by another user. It can easily be done by creating VHD while installing on the OS.

Downside of VHD File

  • Storage limitation: A VHD file has a maximum storage of 2 TB (i.e. 2040 GB.
  • The VHD files can only be stored in NTFS file system storage.
  • 512 bytes files size is blocked by VHD.
  • No resizing once it is installed.

Virutal Hard Disk (VHDX)

The VHDX file format is a vessel of VHD which are often used by VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. It is basically a disk image file which was invented by VMware for their virtual product. These files can be accessed easily and their size increases when they are run with VMware Virtual Disk Manager.

Key Features of VHDX File:

  1. A VHDX can clone the hard disk quicker as compare to VHD.
  2. Replication helps to recover off-site VM systems which can more efficiently be secured and protect RAID from inside SAN storage.

Advantage of VHDX File

  • Easy to use and very convenient to make VHDX the best.
  • Using live migration files can easily be move or migrate to the server.
  • More effective and maintain the integrity of the VM files on the SAN storage.
  • Snapshots could be used to protect VHDX or VMDK files.

Downside of VHDX File

  • It is impossible to recover deleted MS documents, also it demands lot more effort to other files.
  • Maximum storage of VHDX is 2 TB, but after updating by VMware vSphere it can store up to 62TB of data.

VHD vs VHDX – Which is better?

Virtual Hard Disk (VHDX) has a major advantage over VHD format. VHDX has a higher virtual disk storage capacity. Besides this, VHDX files are a well-suited platform to work with today’s modern hardware which is having 4KB logical sector size. Hence, it is up to you which one to use, as above I have mentioned their pros and cons. You can compare and be your own judge which one you like to use.


VHD and VHDX file formats are best virtual environment provider and have their own pros and cons. It is very difficult to recover deleted data from the VHD, VHDX and VMDK files. So to ease out the situation you can use professional tools like VHD Recovery tool or VHDX Recovery tool to recover lost files instantly. These tools are very safe to use and can recover multiple files at once. This tool has three recovery modes that could be used according to the level of corruption.

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