How to Convert Excel to vCard (VCF) For Free – Lets Know How?

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This blog is going is give you an insight about the topic how to convert Excel to VCF for free using some DIY approach.

What is vCard (VCF) File Format and how it is beneficial?

VCF or vCard is the abbreviation of Virtual Contact File used commonly for electronic business cards for storing contact information. The vCard file format contains the name, phone number, email address, address, photo, url, etc. about a person or a business. The benefit of having vCard file format is it can easily open and read on a Notepad without any application. The vCard file format is supported by all the major email clients, devices, platforms and applications. It can ease your work to import contacts from Excel to Gmail, Phone, WhatsApp, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. once you have converted Excel contacts to vCard VCF file format.

Hassle-Free Excel to vCard Conversion

Download Free DRS Excel to vCard Converter tool to convert XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, XLTM, XLT, XLAM, .XLA, etc. to VCF or vCard with ease.

DIY Method to Convert Excel to VCF Online for Free

There are 3 approaches to export Excel contacts to vCard file format using DIY approach.

  • Convert Excel to CSV
  • Import Contacts from CSV File
  • Export Contacts to vCard VCF File Format

Let’s explain each one in detail:

Approach 1: Excel to CSV Migration

  1. Open the MS Excel File.
  2. Look for the Office icon, then select Save As option and click on Other Formats.
  3. Browse the location to save .csv file.
  4. Here, you need to choose the save type as CSV (Comma Delimited) and hit Save button.
  5. Click on Yes on the message appears to leave the workbook in the same format.

Approach 2: Import Contacts from CSV File

  • Type Contacts in the search box appearing next to Windows icon.


  • Click on Import tab under Contacts window.


  • Under Import, select CSV (Comma Separated Values) and click on Import button.

csv import

  • Click on Browse button and select the .csv file created in the approach 1 and click on Next.

browse csv file

  • Now, map the contacts fields and hit Finish to close the process.

Approach 3: Export Contacts to vCard VCF File Format

  • Again, search Contacts by refereeing step 1 given in the approach 2 and choose all the contacts you want to export to VCF file format.
  • Now, click on Export button and choose vCards (folder of .vcf files).
  • Once vCard file gets selected, click on Export button and choose the location to save .vcf file and click on OK button.


This is how you can Convert Excel to VCF for free without any software.

Convert Excel to vCard File with professionally recommended Solution

Choosing above mentioned free Excel to VCF conversion process can be a wise choice only if you’re technically sounds as it very lengthy and tricky process to perform. To ease the process, you can opt for a reliable and sure-shot solution i.e. DRS Excel to vCard Converter. The software has a capability to convert Excel contacts from xlsx, xls, xlsm, xlsb, xltx, xltm, xlt, xlam, xla to vcf file format just in a matter of minutes. Using this tool, you can easily convert XLSX to vCard with entire contact information like name, phone number, contacts, address, url, etc. and can be imported into any email clients, applications, and platforms effortlessly.

Steps to Run DRS Excel to VCF Converter Online to Convert Excel to vCard VCF File

  Download Excel to vCard Converter

  • Browse Excel file to convert into VCF format.

browse excel from drs

  • Preview of the selected Excel file data.

preview excel data

  • Map the Excel data fields with vCard data fields and click Next to begin the process.

map excel data

  • Here you have successfully converted Excel contacts to VCF format. Now, you can convert again or download the conversion report.

convert again

Concluding Lines

If you also have the query “How to convert Excel to VCF without software for free”, you can refer this blog. We have covered both the manual and automated approaches to convert Excel to vCard online free. Choosing manual approach will require to have technical knowledge and time. Thus, choosing professional Excel to vCard Converter can save your time and data by swiftly convert contacts from XLSX to VCF file format.

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