How to Reduce OST File Size in Outlook?

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Both PST and OST files play a vital role for every Outlook user. They both contain valuable items of a particular Outlook account. Thus, they come to great use when it comes to managing data, whether online or offline. While acting on managing elements in the Outlook data, you probably could fall into the part where you will have to reduce OST file size. Let’s see how we do this task. But before we proceed, let’s know “What is the OST file?”

OST (Offline Storage Table) is a file format that stores all Outlook mailbox data. Once you have the OST file secured in your device, you have the liberty to edit or delete any emails, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Whatever changes you make in the OST file will be updated on the server the same while you connect with the internet. OST is a unique file that maintains and saves our Outlook data.

What Insists People Reduce OST File Size?

  • A large OST file may cause glitches, bugs, errors to your system. To avoid all these difficulties, you must compact OST file.
  • Continuously using Outlook for many years can make the OST files larger. As a result, you won’t be able to keep many other vital items on your computer.
  • Large OST files could also affect badly to MS Outlook Program. It will slow your activities in the MS Outlook Program.

Now Let’s Jump to the Exact Process to Compress OST File

OST file is a very major file for Outlook users. Outlook users have vast content, and all the activities related to the Outlook profile are stored automatically in the OST file. Due to all that, the OST file turns out to be of excessive size, and once it gets big, it starts creating problems and taking extra space in your system. To avoid these kinds of issues, you must compact the OST file.

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How to Reduce Outlook Data File Size in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 & Below

MS Outlook itself has the feature to shrink OST file. You must learn these steps as they will add another technical trick to your mind, which can come in handy many times in your life. The reducing process will add some extra space in your system to add some more vital data. Let’s know how to perform below steps:

  • First of all, open your Outlook Mail.
  • Go to File and click on it.

go to file

  • In the next interface, you will see an Account Settings Box.

click on Account Settings

  • Just then, an Account Settings window will open on your screen.
  • Next, click the Data Files option and select the OST file.

click on the data files tab

  • Just above it, there’s a Settings Click on it.

click on Settings

  • A small box will pop up on the screen.
  • Now click on Compact Now.

compact now

This way, you can reduce Outlook data file size. But it’s a very lengthy process, moreover, it won’t split your files into smaller parts that are so easy to manage. Apart from all this, the manual methods have some drawbacks that you don’t find in professional software.

A Pro Method to Reduce OST File in Outlook

DRS OST Splitter is a well-developed solution that overtakes several problems regarding the oversize of the OST file size in Outlook. Outlook OST file too big means it’s taking extra space and jamming your computer functions. One of the prime features of the tool is that it can divide your OST file into smaller separate files.

Final Words

In the beginning, we have explained: What is an OST file and what problems it creates when it gets too big. In the middle, you will see a manual solution on how to reduce OST file size.

But the manual way won’t give you the best outcome, so you must try a professional solution to experience its unique features. In the end, we have added some crucial points about the tool.

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