How to View MDB and ACCDB files without MS Access

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Are you unable to view MDB and ACCDB files without MS Access? If yes, then you are at the right place because I am going to share some easy techniques through which you can view the access database files. Before I’ll discuss the techniques, I would like to tell you what MDB and ACCDB file means.

What is MDB and ACCDB files?

The earlier version of MS Access used to create MDB file format which has now been transformed into ACCDB format. The latest version of MS Access creates ACCDB files which hold various data into it. It stores tables, queries, and a lot more data and the data of other file formats like XML and HTML. ACCDB and MDB files also have the data of some applications like Excel and PowerPoint.

The need for Viewing MDB or ACCDB Files

It is almost impossible to install all the application on the computer system. Similarly, many users don’t have MS Access installed into their PCs and when they receive any MDB or ACCDB files via email or from any friend, then they face difficulty in viewing those files. Therefore they need to know the methods of accessing the content of the MDB files without having MS Access application.

Methods to View Access Database Files

View MDB using MS Excel

  • Start MS Excel
  • Go to the Data
  • Click on Access Database Icon in Get External Data.
  • Select the MDB file which you want to view.
  • Then click on the Open

Now, you can view all the data of the MDB files into spreadsheets but all the data will be saved in XLSX format and not in MDB file format.


LibreOffice will help you to create, edit and view database files. You can search, sort, import, and export MDB files using this utility. It even allows the user to modify the contents of MDB files.

Oxygen Professional Base

This application is somewhat similar to LibreOffice which helps the user to open ACCDB and MDB files. One can also edit the files and modify the contents of the file.

There are some other tools as well which are similar to LibreOffice and Oxygen Professional Base. I am giving you the list of those tools so that you can adapt them according to the availability.

  • Apache OpenOffice Base
  • Notepad
  • RIA Media Viewer
  • Database Tool

Read MDB Files without Access using a Third-Party Tool

You can try MDB Viewer software which can help you view even a corrupted MDB file. It is absolutely free and it displays the corrupted contents of MDB files in a readable form. You can avail this tool without spending a penny and there is no need of MS Access Application to be installed into the PC.

Features of MDB Viewer
  • This tool View MDB and ACCDB files without MS Access.
  • It Previews all the data of corrupt MDB and ACCDB files in a readable form.
  • There are no compatibility issues as this software is compatible with all the MDB files created on any version of MS Access.
  • The most appropriate tool for Windows users as it runs smoothly on all the versions of Windows.
Why MDB Viewer is better than other Applications?

The MDB File Viewer is better than other applications because it views corrupt and inaccessible MDB and ACCDB files which the other applications can’t view. Therefore, if you do not have MS Access in your system and want to view damaged MDB file then this software would be the best option.


Finally, you have got the names of several tools which can help you to view MDB and ACCDB files without MS Access. Now, the ball is in your court and you have to decide which method would be most appropriate for you. According to me among all the tools, MDB Viewer is the best as it will view your corrupt MDB files and display all the content to you. The best thing about this software is that it is absolutely free. I hope this blog will help you in reading the Access database files.

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