Fix VirtualBox Not Opening in Windows 10/11 – Quick Update

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Is your VirtualBox not opening in Windows 10? Nowadays, this is happening with lots of Windows 10 Users. One of the major reasons for the issue is the update of Windows 10. In this blog I will tell you some causes that users are facing these days. Sometimes, we don’t need a big reason for Oracle VM Virtual Box not opening. There can be some basic reasons also like installation is not done properly. Before moving further, we should have to know what Virtual Box is? And what is the need of VirtualBox.

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This software is just an open-source application designed by Oracle. It is a platform that allows a user to run two operating systems like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu on one single computer. It’s like running different operating systems on your computer at the same time.

Now, we know about VirtualBox and its working. It is time to learn the main causes.

Why Is VirtualBox Not Working After the Windows 10 Update?

As I mentioned above, the VirtualBox Windows 10 update problem is a common one. The reasons why VirtualBox is not working after the Windows 10 update are mentioned below.

  • The VirtualBox is unable to run on any virtual machine.
  • It is not able to form the cache to run the software.
  • The windows setting is not correct.
  • Few modules are disabled like Hyper-V may not be enabled on your computer or might be disabled due to a recent Windows update.
  • A problem can be that Windows has tightened its grip on driver installations that can conflict and cause issues.

You don’t have to worry as I am going to discuss all the important methods below to fix the VirtualBox not starting issue.

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How To Open a VirtualBox on Windows 10?

To be honest, there are only two processes for that, one is Manual Method and the other one is Professional Method. Although, both methods are pretty convenient and easy to use. I am going to tell you both the methods in detail. I have explained these methods in easy words with the help of screenshots of my computer.

Fix VirtualBox Not Opening in Windows 10/11 – Quick Update

There are a few manual methods that we are going to discuss below if VirtualBox not working after windows 10 update.

#1. Install the VirtualBox on your Computer Again.

Sometimes the installation is not done properly so you just need to re-install the VirtualBox. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Just Right-click on the window start button on the button-left corner.
  • There you can see the Control Panel Click on that.

click on control panel to fix virtualbox not opening in Windows 10

  • After that, just click on the Uninstall program.

click on Uninstall a program

  • Now go on top-right you will see the search button, type VirtualBox then uninstall the software.

go to Search button

  • After a few minutes, just download and install the latest version of the VirtualBox.

download virtualbox

By performing the above steps, your problem of VirtualBox not opening is now solved. Now, open the VirtualBox to check if it is working.

#2. Second method, Graphics Drivers Updating

Some other reason for this error can be the Graphics Drivers Update. Perform below steps to fix this issue.

  • Just Go to the windows start menu and then right-click on it.
  • Click on the Device Manager.
  • Click and expand the display adapter
  • Go to the Graphics Drivers
  • Now just right-click on it and click on the Update Driver button.

#3. Run the application in compatibility mode.

  • Start by doing a Right-click on the VirtualBox executable file.
  • Click on the property
  • Hit on Run similarity troubleshooter or check run this program in compatibility mode for field option.
  • You should remember to save your modifications and run the program with the administrator’s rights.

#4. Turn off the 3D graphics acceleration feature

  • Just do a right-click on your desktop.
  • Choose “graphics properties” from the list.
  • Choose the Basic mode and pick up.
  • Search the 3D OPTION.
  • It’s almost done now just Turn off the 3D graphics acceleration.

We have just discussed some of the manual methods that we need to do if VirtualBox not starting. These methods are convenient and free to use. Although, it may cause data loss and file corruption. Now, I am going to tell you the methods that have data security and are easy to use.

What if VirtualBox does not open in Windows 10?

The best way to solve the VirtualBox Windows 10 problem is the Professional Method. Therefore, choosing the DRS VDI Recovery tool would be a wise choice to fix VirtualBox is not opening on Windows 10 error. It has a self-explanatory user-interface and the strongest data security. The best part is that not much technical knowledge is required to use this software.


As we have gone through this blog, we have also discussed all the methods for VirtualBox not opening in windows 10. Based on that, I prefer the professional method the most because it is more reliable and easier to use.


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