How To Fix Outlook Working Offline In Outlook – A Comprehensive Guide

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Starting with MS Outlook 2010, Microsoft has introduced the ability to work in online as well as in the offline mode for the email accounts which use MS Exchange servers. If your Outlook account is working in Offline mode, then you will not be able to send and receive new emails. Once the Outlook is switched back to the online mode, then it will automatically send and receive emails. If you are also struck with the offline message in your MS Outlook account, then here we will discuss easy solutions to resolve the issue “how to fix Outlook working offline in Outlook”.

Microsoft Outlook Working Offline and Online Mode

Microsoft Exchange is a widely used emails service provider by many organizations around the globe and distributes email messages through email client applications like MS Outlook. Whenever you open MS Outlook application, it first connects to the Exchange server and downloads your email messages. You can view the status of the server connection in the status bar at the bottom side. If you are connected to a network then the status will show “Connected to: Microsoft Exchange” and the last updated date.

Further in this blog, we will discuss the methods on how to fix Microsoft Outlook working Offline issues.


If you are working in the Outlook offline mode then the status will show “Working Offline” and it will either show that the folder has not yet been updated or else any old date. You can follow the methods provided below in this blog to fix Outlook working Offline mode.


You may also see the status sometimes as “Disconnected”.


How to Fix Outlook Working Offline In Outlook?

Disable the Working Outlook Offline Mode

Microsoft Outlook program allows you to work in both online as well as in offline mode. You can check if you are working in offline mode or not. Click on the “Send/Receive” tab and go to the “preference” section. When working in the offline mode, you will see the “Work Offline” option highlighted in Grey color or otherwise it will show normal for the Online mode.


Sometimes, users accidentally click on the “Work Offline” button that disconnects the MS Outlook from the Exchange server.

Following these steps might help you to resolve “how to fix working offline in Outlook” issue.

Open Outlook Application in Safe Mode

If the above steps could not be able to resolve “how to fix when Outlook is working offline” issue, then you can try opening Microsoft Outlook in the safe mode. Opening Outlook in the safe mode can help the users to disable the conflicting add-ins. To do so, follow the given steps –

  • Press “Win Logo + R” keys.
  • Type “Outlook/Safe” and click on the OK button
  • Choose your profile name, and enter your password if required.
  • Now check if you are able to connect to the Exchange server in the safe mode.

Users can also disable the add-ins or settings manually instead of using the safe mode to check whether it works to fix “how to fix Outlook working offline in Outlook”. Follow the below provided steps.

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Disable Problematic Add-ins

  1. Go to the File section and click on the Info option.
  2. Click on the “Manage COM Add-ins” button.
  3. Click on the “Disable Add-ins” button to disable the add-ins causing problems temporarily
  4. Now restart the program and check for the Exchange server connection.

Check For Internet Connection

In fact, the first thing to check is your Internet connection once you get to see the “Disconnected” message in the status bar. The issue of “how to fix Outlook working offline in Outlook” might occur due to the false Internet connection. Some of the organizations provide web mail access, go to the File>Info. Search for the Web access link against the “Account Settings”. This process will help you to check your emails until you restore the Outlook application.

Final Words

Above in this blog, we have discussed some easy methods which can help users to resolve “how to fix Outlook working offline in Outlook” issue. We hope this blog will help you with the hassle-free solution to the issue.

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